The Power of Music to Influence the Human Mind

Music is one of the universal forms of human expression. Music may be found in the daily lives of people of all ages and cultures all around the world. Listening to music is a pleasurable activity, but its influence extends beyond mere pleasure and amusement. According to research, music has been proven to lower anxiety, blood pressure, and discomfort, as well as increase sleep quality, heart health, and physical performance.

Another major research found is the influence music can have on the human mind. It has been identified that the psychological and mental parts of humans seem to be positively affected by music.

Music has a unique influence on the mind
Music influences the human mind in a special way

Music Enhances our Creativity

Music can improve the creative potential of the minds of people. When a person does something related to music; whether it is learning to play an instrument, performing on stage, or singing a song, his or her creativity is improved. Music is structural, mathematical, and architectural. It is based on interconnections between several notes. The mind has to perform many computations that are normally not realized by a person, in order to make sense out of music.

Listening to music causes the mind to release several neurochemicals such as dopamine and oxytocin that enable the brain to function properly and enhance mental health. The creation of music or even listening to new music enhances the innovation ability of people and enables them to access hidden creative potentials within.

Music Influences our Mood

It can influence the mood of a person. It is very evident that when a person is in sorrow and listens to inspirational music or upbeat music, the mood of the person lightens and he or she leaves the sorrowful state. This happens because music has an influence on the parts of the brain responsible for emotions and memory. Therefore, listening to sorrowful music can make you sad, and listening to exciting and upbeat music can make you happy. Music can change the mood of people and it also helps them to process their feelings.

Music influences anxiety levels
Music can improve mental health

Music can improve Our Mental Health

It can help lower the influence of mental diseases such as anxiety and depression on the mind. Studies have shown that the kind of music that is blended with sounds from nature, helps people feel less anxious. Playing an instrument, singing, or performing on stage tend to increase a person’s emotional awareness, interpersonal relation, and social attachment. These decrease the chances of a person getting depressed and overthinking. Listening to low tempo and relaxing music after a stressful activity can help the nervous system of a person to recover faster.

Improves the Memory

Listening to music has a positive effect on your ability to keep things to memory. Music is both a communication and a learning process. Anytime a person listens to music, parts of the lyrics are stored in memory. Again, music tends to help the mind store special moments along with it.

Thus, anytime we hear music played, the mind reminds us of a particular moment that occurred in our lives when we previously listened to that music. It even stirs up the emotions we felt when we previously listened to the music. Research has shown that children who are taught through music tend to recollect their studies very well. These children also develop spatial intelligence and this enables them to correctly perceive things of the world and form mental pictures.

Music and Marketing

Many marketing and advertising agencies are very much aware of the vast influence of music on the mind of people. Music and advertising have maintained a mutually beneficial connection. Music has always been used in commercials to promote products and establish brand identification.

Despite the fact that large businesses are recognized for their products and services, it is the experience they provide that attracts devoted customers and brand advocates. For this reason, music is incorporated in commercials to heighten the brand’s experience for customers. The music incorporated in commercials has the ability to deeply influence a consumer’s perception and behavior towards a particular brand.

The power of music in marketing
Music can influence a customer’s behavior

To be able to draw a consumer to a product, advertising must be presented in a memorable manner. Music always lingers in the memory of a listener. By virtue of this, when music is included in advertising, the content of the commercial lingers with the music in the mind of viewers. This helps to make a product more memorable for people.

The story and purpose of products are often stated in commercials. The addition of music may cause viewers to remember the product anytime they hear the song in the commercial. Well-known music is used to create a significant favorable association with memory and comprehension for viewers.

Advertisers deliberately use popular music in order to create a lasting impression about their products on viewers. However, when advertisers have a specific group of people they believe will always be interested in their products, they choose particular genres of music which will help draw the attention of this target audience. Music has the ability to cause a variety of emotions and persuade individuals of all ages to think or feel in a specific way. The music’s tempo, time shifts, pitches, and content may be made to target anyone or many groups the advertiser is attempting to reach.

Using music in commercials helps to create authority establishment. Authority establishment refers to the process of increasing the credibility of a commercial. Businesses can improve their authority over a product by using renowned musicians or popular songs in their commercials. By doing so they turn to earn trust and appeal to the large fan base of these musicians and songs. This also helps to strengthen the bond between the customer and the product.

Music’s entertainment impact frequently appeals to people’s emotions. As a result, the music in a commercial can help create positive emotions that eventually motivate people to purchase the product. When a commercial is properly coupled with the appropriate music, consumers are more likely to associate the product with a specific emotion.

Concisely, music in commercials is an important component of its success. Additionally, music may assist in the precise targeting of markets as well as the consistency and structure of an advertisement.


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