“I Believe” by Jonas Brothers

 On “I Believe”, the narrator not only promises to be there for his partner through thick and thin but professes his undying love for her. Apparently, his love is so clear that people around him think he is crazy and rushing things.

The narrator explains that there’s something unique about this lady that makes him feel relaxed whenever together. It is this same reason that keeps him glued to her as he believes his life is complete with her in it. He also expresses complete trust in his partner as he mentions that nothing else matters and he loses himself when he thinks of her.

Speaking to Billboard, Nick Jonas revealed that the song is dedicated to his Indian wife who goes by the name of Priyanka Chopra.

Release Date of “I Believe”

This is track number 4 on the Jonas Brothers’ number album “Happiness Begins”. It was released on the Seventh of June, 2019 alongside “Happiness Begins”, which was marketed by the singles below:

Writing Credits

Nick Jonas was the only Jonas Brothers who contributed to the writing of “I Believe”. He was assisted in that respect by two prominent songwriters: Mozella and Greg Kurstin.

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