Meaning of “곤란한 노래 (THE GONLAN SONG)” by SUMIN & slom

In “곤란한 노래 (THE GONLAN SONG)”, SUMIN expresses a desire to have a fun, albeit slightly “곤란한 (troublesome/difficult)” night filled with adventure and spontaneous joy. She portrays a vivid, dynamic scene of playful and potentially flirtatious interactions, driven by a spirit of youthful recklessness and a desire for deep connection. Throughout “곤란한 노래 (THE GONLAN SONG)”, there is a recurring theme of wishing to create a memorable night, despite not being a good dancer, hinting at a willingness to embrace imperfections for the sake of genuine enjoyment and connection.

Verse 1

In the first verse, Sumin shares her desire to break free from the ordinary and experience something more exciting. The mention of going out and wanting to dance recklessly hints at a desire for freedom and the craving to let loose with the person she’s singing to. It sets a lively and adventurous mood right at the beginning, giving off a vibe of youthful spirit wanting to explore and enjoy life to the fullest with someone special.

Chorus of “곤란한 노래 (THE GONLAN SONG)”

Here, even though she admits she may not be the best dancer, she has a strong desire to make the other person feel thrilled and fascinated. It seems like a confession of her intention to create a memorable and extraordinary time, even if it involves being a little awkward or “곤란한 (troublesome/difficult)”. The repetition of these sentiments hints at a strong determination and a hopeful attitude towards the night.


In this part, the “곤란한 (troublesome/difficult)” night is being referred to as something that can potentially be a lot of fun and spontaneous. The vocal embellishments and repetitive “ooh, ooh” can be seen as an auditory representation of the fun and spontaneous night she’s envisioning. She sounds like she’s daydreaming about a night filled with laughter and a bit of a wild adventure.

Verse 2

Sumin talks about wanting to show all her practiced expressions, dances, and words during this day, hinting at a sense of preparedness and excitement. The lyrics depict a vibrant and dynamic scene with lights turning on and off, paralleled with smiles flashing on and off. It’s like a visualization of a flirtatious and joyful encounter, where there’s a playful and fun exchange going on, possibly on a dance floor.

Chorus of “곤란한 노래 (THE GONLAN SONG)”

The chorus repeats. This repetition reinforces her desire to captivate the other person through her dance, even if she isn’t very good at it. She wishes to create a slightly “곤란한 (troublesome/difficult)” but still fascinating and enticing experience, showcasing a playful and vibrant attitude toward the unfolding night.


Here, we see the repetition of her intentions to create a fun and slightly difficult night. The repetition builds up the anticipation and highlights her determination to make the night fun and memorable, emphasizing the adventurous spirit she’s channeling.


In the refrain, there’s a noticeable emphasis on being close, with the matching of steps and breaths, showcasing a deep connection and harmony with the other person. It seems like a sensual, intimate moment where they are in sync, adding a touch of romance and intimacy to the adventurous narrative presented in the song.

Overall, “곤란한 노래 (THE GONLAN SONG)” beautifully combines the themes of adventure, fun, and romantic connection. In doing so, the song creates an image of a night filled with laughter, dance, and intimate moments. It’s playful. It’s hopeful. Furthermore, it has a touch of youthful recklessness that makes it really vibrant and alive.

“내가 춤을 잘 추진 못해도
(춤추진 못해도)
너를 혼란스럽게 할 수 있을 것 같애, uh
내가 춤을 잘 추진 못해도
(춤추진 못해도)
아주 곤란하게 만들 수 있을 것 같애”

When was “곤란한 노래 (THE GONLAN SONG)” released?

Released during September of 2021, this song serves as the third track on the collaborative album of SUMIN and Slom titled “Miniseries”.

Credits for “곤란한 노래 (THE GONLAN SONG)”

SUMIN handled the entire songwriting task for the song, whereas Slom produced the track all by himself.


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