Meaning of “Treat Yourself” by Meghan Trainor

“Treat Yourself” is the title of a 2018 song by American singer Meghan Trainor. The words of “Treat Yourself”. As the title of the song suggests, the song is about treating oneself well. It is about how the singer (Trainor) has decided to treat herself to the luxuries and good things of life.  

So in one way or another, this anthem could be classified as a self-love or self-care themed song.

What Trainor said about this song

According to Meghan Trainor, the song was birthed after a conversation she had with her therapist. Her therapist, who had been treating her for issues with anxiety, had told her to remember to treat herself well.

Trainor revealed this during her appearance on The Zach Sang Show. Here are the exact words she used in describing this song:

Meghan Trainor talks about "Treat Yourself"
“I want it, I’ma treat myself”

Facts about “Treat Yourself”

  • In writing this song, Trainor collaborated with her brother Ryan Trainor and two other songwriters. The two others are Tobias Jesso Jr. and Andrew Wells.
  • The production of “Treat Yourself” was taken care of by Andrew Wells (who co-wrote it).
  • July 20, 2018 was the release date of this song. It is the first track from third studio album of the same title.
  • Epic Records (Trainor’s label) didn’t make any music video for this track.
  • The background vocals of this track were provided by as many as five singers. One of these singers was Trainor’s older brother Ryan.

Did this song come out as a single?

It was released as the second promotional single from Trainor’s 2019 album of the same name (Treat Yourself). FYI the first promotional single from that record was a song titled “All The Ways”. Furthermore, that album was also preceded by the following singles:

Were any samples used in the production of “Treat Yourself”?

No samples were used during the creation of this track.

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