Shinzo wo Sasageyo! by Linked Horizon Lyrics Meaning – Unveiling the Anthem of Resilience and Rebellion

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Opfert eure Herzen



命さえ 魂さえ 決して惜しくなどはない

捧げよ! 捧げよ! 心臓を捧げよ!
全ての犠牲は 今 この時のために
捧げよ! 捧げよ! 心臓を捧げよ!
進むべき未来を その手で切り拓け!

あの日どんな声で 言葉で

技術でも 戦術でも 全て無駄になどしない

捧げよ! 捧げよ! 心臓を捧げよ!
全ての努力は 今この瞬間の為に
捧げよ! 捧げよ! 心臓を捧げよ!
謳うべき勝利を その手で掴み取れ



嗚呼 選び悔いた道の先は
唯 捧れられた人生(いのち)を糧に咲く
尊き彼岸(悲願)の勝利 (Sieg)

あの日 人類は思い出した

黄昏を弓矢は翔る 翼を背負い
その軌跡が自由への 道となる

捧げよ! 捧げよ! 心臓を捧げよ!
全ての苦難は 今この瞬間の為に

捧げよ! 捧げよ! 心臓を捧げよ!
儚き命を 燃える弓矢に変えて
捧げよ! 捧げよ! 心臓を捧げよ!
誇るべき軌跡を その身で描き出せ

Full Lyrics

Amidst the roaring anthems that have become the soundtracks to rebellion and resilience, Linked Horizon’s ‘Shinzo wo Sasageyo!’ stands tall as an imposing figure of musical defiance. Known widely as the third opening theme for the iconic anime series ‘Attack on Titan’, the song resonates beyond the screen, touching the hearts of listeners with its powerful melody and gripping lyrics.

There’s a palpable intensity that courses through every note and word in ‘Shinzo wo Sasageyo!’, making it clear that this work of art is more than just an opening theme. It transcends into an anthem of the human spirit, showcasing a narrative that speaks volumes about sacrifice, determination, and the undying will to forge one’s path against insurmountable odds.

The Drumbeat of Determination: A Sonic Journey

The song begins with a rhythmic incantation that feels like a war chant, setting the stage for a narrative filled with urgency and a call to action. The escalating tempo mirrors the heartbeat of rebellion, as the listener is drawn into a world where standing still is not an option. It’s a world that commands movement, action, and the courage to face fears head-on.

‘Shinzo wo Sasageyo!’ is an auditory spectacle that paints a vivid picture of a relentless struggle. The orchestral backing elevates the song’s narrative, with strings and brass sections that lend a sense of grandeur and gravity to the words being sung—a testament to the courage needed to make sacrifices in the face of adversity.

Decoding the Anthem’s Fiery Lyrics

The poetry of ‘Shinzo wo Sasageyo!’ is drenched in the ethos of revolution. It’s a portrayal of humanity’s darkest days arriving unannounced, and the persistence to overcome what is often seen as an uninvited nightmare. The lyrics reference a betrayal of the past, a common literary device that alludes to the pain of realizing that yesterday’s friend can be today’s foe.

Moreover, the song poses a poignant question: ‘What must be sacrificed to surpass even the devil?’ This line isn’t merely rhetorical but serves as an introspection on the nature of victory and the cost it demands. Whether it’s one’s life or soul, the refrain suggests that nothing is too precious when weighed against the liberation and pursuit of a future crafted by one’s own hands.

The Chorus: A Rallying Cry for Sacrifice

The anthem’s chorus, ‘Dedicate your hearts’ (捧げよ! 捧げよ! 心臓を捧げよ!), resonates as a powerful call to offer up one’s very essence for the sake of a greater cause. Within these lines lies the essence of Linked Horizon’s message—a plea for sacrifice, for offering all efforts and struggles for the pivotal moments that define one’s existence.

In a show of solidarity and commitment, the chorus brings together a collective resolve. It fortifies the notion that individual sacrifices are not in vain but contribute to a larger victory. The impassioned delivery serves as fuel for the listener’s inner fire, urging them to seize triumph with their own hands.

Unearthing the Hidden Rebellion Within

Beneath the surface of its fiery tempo and soaring melody, ‘Shinzo wo Sasageyo!’ harbors a deep-seated defiance against being caged by fear or humiliation. It embodies the flashbacks of humanity recalling the spine-chilling terror of oppression and captivity—metaphors that resonate beyond the animated series to reflect real-world experiences.

The song’s true genius lies in its ability to become a beacon for anyone who resonates with the theme of breaking free from their constraints. It’s not just a theme song for fictional characters but has become a voice for the listener’s personal struggle and the universal fight for freedom.

Memorable Lines that Echo Through Time

One cannot discuss ‘Shinzo wo Sasageyo!’ without noting the legacy it leaves through its memorable lines. Phrases like ‘Even if technology and tactics are everything, we won’t let them go to waste’ imply a relentless pursuit of knowledge and skill to conquer one’s demons, which stirs a deep-seated ambition in the listener.

Combined with the song’s pulsating beats, these lines reach an emotional crescendo as they invoke the imagery of transforming fleeting life into burning arrows, a metaphor for turning one’s transient existence into a powerful force to be reckoned with. It’s this unforgettable imagery that cements ‘Shinzo wo Sasageyo!’ into the halls of anthemic legend.

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