Today’s Top Hit Songs

Back in the days, putting together a list of the top hits was a much easier task. In fact keen observers, perhaps even someone like yourself, could probably do so simply by studying what songs are hot on the radio and in the streets.

But the world has changed a lot in recent years. For instance, the music industry has by and large gone digital. What that basically means is that a lot more information has to be gathered, from various sources, before accurately tabulating what’s hot and what’s not. 

Additionally such digital platforms tend to be global in scope. So a song can be blowing up in a completely different part of the world, topping charts even, that you possibly wouldn’t be aware of or even know that it exists. Or maybe some social media star or what have you has dropped a track out of the blue that is totally making waves – so on and so forth. 

Our point is that there’s a lot more different variables contributing to the success of a tune than in times past. And it is with that in mind that we have set about compiling the Today’s Top Hit Songs list.

Most of the names you find therein will be ones you’re familiar with, as the top artists of the day also tend to drop the trending tracks of the moment. But every new tally is sure to have its own surprises. 

Also, no matter how hip to the current scene you may be, there will undoubtedly be songs that make the list that you never heard of. So this is a good way to remain even hipper, i.e. impress your friends and others with your musical knowledge.

And beyond that, if you’re even patronizing this list that obviously means you’re a fan of good music. And here you will not only find your favorite current artists but also the best of the best of any given day. You don’t have to jump around to various websites and music channels, engulfing hours’ worth of content, in order to know what’s poppin’. We’ve already done so for you. 

In fact you can sit back, click a button and enjoy the hottest the primarily English-speaking music world has to offer. Or even if you’re not so much into today’s pop artists and just want to stay abreast of what people are currently listening to, this is the first place you would want to stop.

So be sure to come by frequently, even daily if need be. All of the A list artists of the day are here, and yes, they do want you to give all their tracks a listen. Well, listening to every single song they drop may not be to your liking. And that is why lists such as these, as ranked by your musical-listening peers, are so important. And that is because we have already done the heavy lifting, amassing the best of the best, as deemed by the public itself. So with no further ado, please enjoy Today’s Top Hit Songs.

Today’s Top Hits

And the top songs for today are as follows:

1.       Kendrick Lamar’s “N95”

2.       Lizzo’s  “About Damn Time”

3.       Harry Styles’ “As It Was”

4.       Jack Harlow’s “First Class”

5.       Camila Cabello and Ed Sheeran’s “Bam Bam”

6.       Bad Bunny’s “Moscow Mule”

7.       Justin Bieber’s “Ghost”

8.       Post Malone and Roddy Ricch’s “Cooped Up”

9.       Lil Nas X’s “Thats What I Want”

10.   Elley Duhé’s “Middle Of The Night”

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