“When God Made You My Mother” by Riley Roth 

Ever had a tough time deciding what to get for Mothers’ Day? We can confidently assure you that you’re not alone! In fact, it’s a struggle a significant percentage of people face nearing this celebrative day. For Riley Roth, she has decided to write a song depicting her loving relationship with her mum, expressing the love she has been shown since birth.

A mother’s love is never ending and without judgement. Even when they’re tired or simply need a minute alone, they are always there when needed through the good and the bad. They also never really ask for anything in return, even if their children don’t tell or show that they love them.

Mothers don’t judge their children despite their secrets and weaknesses. Instead, they do their best to lift spirits up and fill the void with love, teaching their offspring to be stronger and braver.

To most people, like Riley, their mothers are their heroes. In this love song to her mother, Riley also expresses that God’s choice of making her her mother was equivalent to Him “being good” to her.

Bringing it full circle, Riley wishes to be like her mother when her time comes – a hero and positive influence in her future children’s lives.

"When God Made You My Mother" Lyrics

Release Date of “When God Made You My Mother”

This mothers’ day dedication was released as a single on 21st May 2021.

Prior to the official release, Riley had posted a video of her singing the full song on Instagram on 9th May 2021. She later shared a video on Instagram and TikTok where she FaceTimed her mom to see her reaction while hearing her track.

Official news of the release was posted up on TikTok (13th May) and Instagram (15th May).

Did Riley Roth write “When God Made You My Mother”?

Riley wrote this song alongside songwriter Donna King.

King had previously worked with Riley on “Came Here for the Beer” alongside Cameron Jaymes that was released on 14th August 2020.

Who is Riley Roth?

Riley is not new to the music scene, having released 12 singles since 2019. Born in Pennsylvania, she took monthly trips with her mother to Nashville when she was 16 to pursue her dream in music. When she turned 18, she was discovered by Michael Busbee (professionally known as busbee). As of the release date of “When God Made You My Mother”, Riley is signed to a music company named Altadena (which was founded by busbee).

When God Made You My Mother

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