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The Rolling Stones' "Misty Road"

“Misty Road” by The Rolling Stones

The lyrics of The Rolling Stones’ “Misty Road” are honestly not the easiest to understand, whether specifically or comprehensively. This may explain why this song was never officially released. Or perhaps lack of publication of this song...


“Crown” by Kendrick Lamar 

You may notice that on the cover to the “Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers” album, Kendrick Lamar is rockin’ a “crown of thorns”. This is of course is a plot device, if you will, derived...


“Humming” by Portishead

The lyrics of Portishead’s “Humming” are very indirect. For instance, there is no setting defined. Also, it is never specified what type of relationship the vocalist has with the addressee. So obviously, some imagination is required...