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“Vibe” by Cookiee Kawaii

Perhaps the neatest way to classify Cookiee Kawaii’s “Vibe” is as it being a twerk song. Kawaii is addressing a romantic interest. And what she has set about doing, succinctly put, is attracting him with her...

Lil Mosey

“Blueberry Faygo” by Lil Mosey

The title of this song (“Blueberry Faygo”) is actually a reference to a specific flavor of a soft drink particularly popular within some circles in the United States. More specifically the reason a hardcore rapper...

Justin Bieber

“All Around Me” by Justin Bieber

The easiest way to describe Justin Bieber’s “All Around Me” is as it featuring the singer celebrating his relationship with the addressee. Indeed as indicated by the title, he has formed a strong emotional dependency...