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Here, we focus on nothing but music! Imagine a world without music. It sure would be quite boring and expressionless. Since the beginning of history, music has prevailed in every generation as the epitome of man’s creativity. It is almost as if the love for music is inherent in every single person. Not only is it a major part of our lives but it seems to be the most effective avenue for expressing whatever mood we find ourselves.

While some people view music as their means of escaping the pain they feel, others perceive it as their source of entertainment or booster when they want to feel cheerful. The common factor here is that, music can bring relief and lower the stress levels of its listener. It certainly can be used both as a way of expressing one’s feelings and desire, and at the same time influence a person’s mood or actions. Indeed, the impact of music may not be immediately visible since it is mostly intrinsic, however it should never be underestimated.

The truth is that music is that powerful and is tremendously important for mankind. Whether we are listening, learning, creating, playing or teaching music, its value goes beyond just entertainment. Below are some of the reasons why music is so important to our lives.

Music is a channel of creativity

A single piece of music is enough to show you how creative humans can be. The creativity that man is able to express through the making of music is extremely natural, pure and undiluted. Music has the power to improve a person’s mind by grooming it to be more inventive and artistic. Music is one of the greatest channels through which man can express their imagination, art and invent something that pleases the ear and soothes hearts.

Aside from this, it is proven that music can potentially improve people’s listening and understanding ability. Whenever we hear a song for instance, we naturally try to make sense of the lyrics in an attempt to understand the exact message the musician wanted to convey. Our ability to listen and understand is enhanced when even in the absence of words, a person listens to an instrumental piece and tries to deduce the message being conveyed with his brains.

Music gives a pleasant learning experience

Have you ever wondered why as children, we are first taught through songs and poems? Well, it is simple; when your mind enjoys something, it will preserve it. Children are taught poems because they find that the music in them makes it an enjoyable experience. The subject at hand therefore becomes interesting and easier to keep in mind.

Music is so useful in developing a person’s memorizing capability. The best proof of this is how we are able to learn and memorize songs faster than studying a syllabus. It is simply because our minds enjoy it and is ready to preserve whatever information is within that song. Schools who have realized how important music is in the learning experience, have now inculcated it in their teaching methods and are having great results. You find it easy to remember all the poems you learnt as a child because of the music in them.

Music serves as an avenue of emotional expression

Truth is, every single human being has emotions; they change over time and music is just perfect for each and every emotional cycle we find ourselves in. Music has the ability to move humans, and is a wonderful way to express and deal with one’s emotions. For instance, we rely on music for our happy moment such as weddings, anniversaries, parties, etc., and for sad moments such as funerals, heartbreaks and painful events.

We choose the kind of music we want to wake up to, work out with, dance, study with and enjoy because of the variety and its ability to fit into whatever situation we find ourselves. Music is that channel that gets people through both their worst and best days by helping them either feel the emotions in a song, or express their own by creating music.

Music is a remedy for loneliness

One of the most unique importance of music is its ability to create and enhance community. Indeed, music may often be created in solitude, however, more of it is shared with a community of people who enjoy it. It is no doubt the greatest cure for loneliness since we are first able to connect to the musician who may be conveying a particular message we can relate to. Again, there are a host of other people who may be feeling the same way and enjoying the same style of music and through this shared love, music creates that community of like-minded people.

People who attend music concerts and shows for instance, get to connect with each other because of their similar music tastes. The musicians themselves are able to build a huge network of similar musicians as well as fans. In essence, creating music and sharing it with people is one of the surest ways to create deep friendships with others, while bringing people together at the same time.

Music Improves Our Mental Health

Music is proven to be so beneficial to our mental health that an entire field known as music therapy has been introduced in mental care facilities across the globe. Music therapy is extremely useful for dealing with mental health conditions such as trauma, depression, schizophrenia, among others. While it helps to process emotions, grief and trauma, it also keeps people calm and could even induce cheerfulness and joy. Actively listening to music helps people to regulate their moods and deal with anxiety. This is because music is proven to activate the neocortex, which is responsible for reducing our impulsive thoughts and keeping us calm.

Music is Universal

One of the major reasons why music matters so much to our lives is its universality. The world and its people may be divided by several factors such as race, culture, language, creed, age, class, status etc., but music is the one language that every human understands. It is the one thing that can connect millions of strangers to each other irrespective of their differences.  Music is essential to our lives because it has the power to carry love, peace, joy and all the emotions humans need to make the world a great place to live.