Burning Hearts’ Songs (A to Z)

Burning Hearts is a Finnish band which may not have the same level of fame as some other indie pop groups. However, those who are familiar with their sound have been deeply touched by it. This is in part due to the introspective and poetic approaches the group takes towards dealing with topics such as depression, love and urbanization.

And to give you a gist of what the Burning Hearts are known for, here is a summary of some of the tracks they have dropped throughout the years. Enjoy!

Songs from Burning Hearts’ Aboa Sleeping Album

  1. “I Lost My Color Vision”: The singer has resolved herself to being depressed, despite the addressee apparently making an attempt to cheer her up.
  2. “Iris”: “Iris” was a small child whose presence has left a lasting emotional impact on the singer.
  3. “Various Lives”: The singer has gone through “various lives”, i.e. diverse past experiences, all leading back to the point of origin, where the addressee is situate.
  4. “The Galloping Horse”: The song uses the imagery of a “galloping horse” to ultimately point back to the theme of heart disease.
  5. “We Walked Among the Trees”: The singer is apparently addressing a friend whom she has fond memories of spending time with in a natural setting.
  6. “Sea Birds”: The singer fondly recollects time spent with a close associate in the company of “sea birds”.
  7. “A Peasant’s Dream”: The singer portrays the role of a peasant who wants nothing more than ample farmland to pursue her goals.
  8. “Close to Her”: This song highlights a particular evening in the life of a couple that is marked by some kind of dreaded news.
  9. “Aboa Sleeping”: This is another Burning Hearts’ song which apparently idealizes the concept of being out in nature.

Songs from Burning Hearts’ Extinctions Album

  1. “On the Last Day of the Decade”: This song is obviously based on the Sello mall shooting, which took place in Finland on 31 December 2009. 
  2. “Into the Wilderness”: This song is based on the tragic tale of an American hero of the outback who ultimately died for what he believed in.
  3. Modern Times”: The singer seems to be speaking on the destructive tendencies of modern man.
  4. Love and Dissonance”: The singer is in love with someone, despite their relationship currently being highlighted by strife.
  5. The Swallows”: The singer and her companion(s) are entertained by swallows in what appears to be some sort of nature retreat.
  6. Burn Burn Burn”: This is a self-empowerment song Burning Hearts’ style, with the singer depicted as a child surviving alone in the desert.
  7. Trade Winds”: The singer is portrayed as an international sailor who is very-anxious to return to her homeland.
  8. The Beast”: The singer takes on the role of a “beast” (i.e. a bear) that is being hunted by a group of humans.
  9. Deep Waters”: This is a song seemingly focused on the depressed disposition of the addressee.

Songs from Burning Hearts’ Battlefields Album

  1. Atacama”: The singer asserts that the multitudes of her misery can symbolically cover the vastness of the Atacama Desert.
  2. Folie à Deux”: This song seems to be centered on the maddening discontent between the singer and the addressee.
  3. Work of Art”: This track reads like a love song whereas the singer is referring to her romantic interest’s heart as a “work of art”.
  4. Chaos and Drama”: The singer offers her shoulder to cry on to a friend who is a victim of “chaos and drama”.
  5. Bodies and Battlefields”: The singer sympathizes with herself and others who have had to regularly deal with heartbreak.
  6. In My Garden”: The band is once again dealing with the subject of depression, this time using a personal “garden” as a metaphor.
  7. Ticket”: The singer is likening a “newfound love” to a life-changing experience.
  8. Did You Want to Save Me?”: The singer seems to be addressing a romantic interest who has expressed a desire tantamount to being her emotional savior.

“A Matter of Timing”

Burning Hearts’ “A Matter of Timing” wasn’t part of any of the albums mentioned above. It was released somewhere in 2011 by Shelflife Records. The song is seemingly based on the theme of the inevitability of death.