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“Hold the Line” by Avicii (ft. ARIZONA)

Avicii’s “Hold the Line” is based on the premise of life being extremely-challenging, especially for young people. Or perhaps more-specifically, the singer and the person(s) he is addressing are going through a dangerous time in...

Fades Away

“Fades Away” by Avicii (ft. Noonie Bao)

 “Fades Away” closes out Tim, Avicii’s album which it is featured on. This is significant because, as the reader is likely already aware, Avicii had committed suicide approximately a year before it was released, and...


“Heaven” by Avicii (ft. Chris Martin)

During the first part of this track it would appear that the vocalist, Chris Martin, is singing to a particular individual whose love uplifts him when he has been defeated. And he relates his disposition...