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Broken Whiskey Glass

“Broken Whiskey Glass” by Post Malone

Content-wise, “Broken Whiskey Glass” is more or less your standard braggadocio rap. That means the singer spends a considerable amount of time touting his own superiority in one form or another. This is done specifically...

Post Malone

“Allergic” by Post Malone

In “Allergic”, Post Malone is singing about an on-again/off-again romantic relationship that he is in. He and his partner seem to have genuine, albeit fluctuating, feelings for each other. At the beginning of the song, Post...

Post Malone

“Enemies” by Post Malone (ft. DaBaby)

To begin with, the “enemies” Post Malone and DaBaby are speaking about on this track are actually former friends or other close associates. These friends/associates prove themselves not to have the artists’ genuine wellbeing...