05 Hustle Bones by Death Grips Lyrics Meaning – The Raw Essence of Rebellion and Control

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Give a fuck what Explainchya heard

Yeah fuck whatchya heard

Fore this real shit kicked your whole click to the curb

What, what

But you dont hear me though

Run up bitch ta da death get gripped my steeze is ballin’ out

Of control whatch you know

‘Bout bubblin’

Hustle bones comin’ out my mouth

(Hustle bones comin’ out my mouth)

That hot lic a shot

Never not strapped

Wit a Glock tongue cocked

Run it back

That knock a cop off unconscious molotov

Cocktailin’ sound bomb a snitch

Flat line of chalk drawn round the clock too many marks dropped ta count the stiffs

Stuck on the fence

How does it feel

It don’t make sense

Nothing is

That rip you a new one trick I’m the true one,

And only never know me never will no son.. leave ya laid out ta fade out

Show a cunt the door

Hit and run

Hustle bones comin’ out my mouth

(Hustle bones comin’ out my mouth)

That can’t wait ta blast

Blood stained knuckle brass gives a fuck sick wit it flav on

That ex con

Hard to da bone

Darkness from the zone

Mastered and pushed far beyond

Eons beyond the line never crossed, by dem punks livin’ soft while I ride that bomb

Dr. Strangelove

Into the sun

Look no hands megatons

Rode like man we can’t lose

No shit, no shit

That hit it till it drip wit

Da blood of the raw way

It was fore dem forgot

Why doin dirt, make slang sound tough gong original

Fuck da wrong way

Only one real way to work

That shit out da

Beat street spit

Über freaked heat lit

Hell flame to your brain

Blood thirst

What what

Run it back, run it

Run up bitch ta da death

Get gripped

My steeze is ballin’ out

Of control whatch you know

‘Bout bubblin’

Hustle bones comin’ out my mouth

(Hustle bones comin’ out my mouth)

Criminal intent anti-legal ill

Thief in da night peel your life back spin the wheel

Run it back, run it

Full Lyrics

At the heart of experimental hip-hop lies Death Grips, a group known for its intense, raw sound and cryptic lyrics that push the boundaries of conventional music. ’05 Hustle Bones’, a track from their 2012 album ‘The Money Store’, stands out as a particularly enigmatic piece of their discography, inviting a myriad of interpretations with its gritty beats and aggressive vocals.

With an air of rebellion and counterculture ethos, the lyrics draw listeners into a world where hustling and surviving by any means is not just a way of life but a badge of honor. The track’s visceral energy and dense symbolism offer a rich tapestry for analysis, teasing apart the threads that weave together to form this chaotic, compelling narrative.

The Unapologetic Spirit of Defiance

The mantra-like refrain, ‘Hustle bones comin’ out my mouth’, epitomizes the track’s relentless energy. It’s a metaphor for the unyielding grind and the hustle intrinsic to Death Grips’ ethos. This hustle isn’t just for wealth – it’s a hustle for authenticity, a struggle to stay true in a world that constantly tries to sand down rough edges. As MC Ride’s voice cuts through the mix, there’s a palpable sense of defiance, a refusal to conform or be silenced by societal norms.

The repetition of the phrase not only solidifies its importance but also creates a mantra for listeners, embodying the song’s core message of persistence and power. The idea of ‘bones’ coming out of one’s mouth suggests a depth to the hustle, something so ingrained it’s skeletal, a part of one’s very being.

The Violent Undertones of Pursuit and Power

‘That hot lic a shot / Never not strapped,’ thunderously declares a world in which violence is a language and survival is its grammar. The graphic imagery of Glock tongues and knocked-off cops illustrates a blurring line between the figurative and the literal hustle. The violence here is not just physical; it’s an aggressive push for space in a metaphorically cramped landscape that chokes out softer voices.

In ’05 Hustle Bones,’ violence becomes a metaphor for effort, the struggle, and in some ways, the craft itself. It’s a tool for asserting existence and carving out an identity that refuses to be molded by external forces. The track doesn’t glamorize this reality but brands it onto the psyche of the listener in unmistakable, jarring strokes.

Dissecting the Hidden Meaning—What Lies Beneath

Beneath the surface-level bravado and ferocity lies an undercurrent of social and existential commentary. Death Grips uses the vehicle of ‘Hustle Bones’ to comment on the grind culture, the glorification of ‘ballin’ out,’ and the cost of success. The song parallels the rat race of external success with the internal battle for self-identity and authenticity.

Moreover, ‘Hustle Bones’ encompasses a critique of the criminal justice system (‘Criminal intent anti-legal ill’) and the fetishization of gangsterism in hip-hop. The lyrical content, while hyperbolic, mirrors the lived experiences of those in marginalized communities where crime and hustling are often romanticized as the only means of ascension.

Memorable Lines: Drawing Blood From the Stone of Reality

‘That can’t wait ta blast / Blood stained knuckle brass,’ screams the theme of immediate, primal reaction. The line conjures up the image of bloodied fistfights, the corporeal cost of living on the edge, and engaging in the daily battle of life.

And yet, the mention of ‘blood stained knuckle brass’ is not just about the physical—it’s the emotional and psychological scars borne from the hustle. This raw sentiment resonates deeply, as it captures the essence of struggle not just in the underbelly of society, but in the day-to-day lives of anyone pushing against resistance.

Echoes of Legacy – The Timelessness of ’05 Hustle Bones’

By the final refrain, ‘Hustle bones comin’ out my mouth,’ the listener is left with an indelible imprint of the song’s message. It’s a legacy that Death Grips crafts through heavy beats and dissonant sounds, a distillation of rage, defiance, and the unrelenting pursuit of breaking free from societal constraints.

This track doesn’t just resonate with audiences because of its aggression, but because it taps into a universal desire for freedom and actualization. ’05 Hustle Bones’ isn’t a momentary outburst but an enduring symbol of what it means to truly hustle for one’s place in the world.

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