21 – The Poignant Cry of Youth and Understanding

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  1. Music Video
  2. Lyrics
  3. Song Meaning
  4. The Enigma of Age: Navigating the 21st Year
  5. Deceptive Smiles and The Quest For Sincerity
  6. Unheard Voices in A Judgemental World
  7. Dissecting the Song’s Hidden Desolation
  8. The Unforgettable Resonance: ‘Would You Be Mine?’


Hol’ up
안 봐도 뻔하겠지 oh nah
사랑 따윈 우습겠지 oh nah
난 너의 몇 번째일지
I wanna know you
I really wanna know you, baby

때로는 슬프겠지
이유 모를 쓸쓸함에 며칠 밤을 새겠지
Oh 그리고 난 네 옆에 있지 so tell me
I wanna know you
I really wanna know you

손을 뜯는 버릇 쉽게 오해를 사는 말투
나쁜 습관들도 I care babe

She’s 2-2-21 now
애매한 미소는 yes or nah?
그녀가 뭘 하던지 내버려둬
하드 캐리 캐리해 she’s mine

울고 싶었겠지 말 없이 기대서
사람도 사랑도 모두 다 싫었겠지
맘을 닫은 채 oh baby oh (I wanna know you)
그렇게 넌 무감각해졌겠지 (I really wanna know you)

Oh baby
다들 널 못 봐 널 판단하려고만 해 baby
널 얽매이게 하는 세상을 피해 숨어도 돼
내게 기대 yeah

가식 없는 말투 차가워 보이는 시선 속
네 여린 마음을 I care baby

She’s 2-2-21 now
애매한 미소는 yes or nah?
그녀가 뭘 하든지 내버려 둬
하드 캐리 캐리해 she’s mine

이미 예쁘다는 소리는 귀가 지겹도록 들었으니까 (다들)
너에 대해 얘기할 뿐 너의 얘기는 듣지 않았으니까
난 그런 것들과는 다르니까
Would you be mine? be mine? (but she don’t care, don’t care, don’t care)
But she said nah

(But I care, I care)
Uh ’cause she don’t give a shhhh

She’s 2-2-21 now (yes, she is)
애매한 미소는 yes or nah?
그녀가 뭘 하든지 내버려 둬 (내버려 둬)
하드 캐리 캐리해 she’s mine (yes, she is, yes, she is, yeah)

She’s 2-2-21 now
애매한 미소는 yes or nah?
그녀가 뭘 하든지 내버려 둬
하드 캐리 캐리해 she’s mine (she’s mine)

Full Lyrics

In the landscape of Korean R&B, DEAN emerges as a profound poet for the modern soul, challenging the constraints of fleeting emotions through his sonic expressions. ’21,’ a track that inhabits a unique space within DEAN’s discography, is an intricate narrative woven with the threads of youthful angst, the pursuit of understanding, and the stoic resolve of a heart that seeks to care amidst indifference.

The song is more than a number or an age; it is a vista into the complexities of growing up and outgrowing the simplistic labels often assigned to our intricate human experiences. It delves into the character of someone on the cusp of adulthood, embroiled in the maelstrom that comes with that transitory phase—flitting between vulnerability and defiance, intimacy and isolation.

The Enigma of Age: Navigating the 21st Year

DEAN’s ’21’ is not just a number; it’s an emblematic marker of time that often signifies the transition into adulthood. However, here it feels paradoxical, encapsulating a moment both fleeting and timeless. The age 21 is emblematic of a period often overrun with questions and the hunger for personal identity, serving as the backdrop for the narrative DEAN weaves with soulful introspection.

The artist captures the quintessence of this age, balancing the innocence of youth with the emerging realization of life’s complexities. This song addresses the challenges of self-definition in an era where external perceptions can be overwhelmingly loud, posing a layered question of what truly lies beneath the surface of the year we often associate with freedom and discovery.

Deceptive Smiles and The Quest For Sincerity

In a world oversaturated with emojis and virtual reactions, DEAN’s query, ‘an ambiguous smile, yes or nah?’ dissects the essence of our communicative era. The enigmatic smile of the ‘she’ in question reflects society’s facades; the question of its meaning, or lack thereof, is a silent scream for genuineness in interactions.

This is a plea for transparency amid social cacophony. DEAN asks us to look beyond the pretense of the curated lives we encounter. With ’21,’ he invites listeners to engage in a deeper discourse on authenticity, yearning to understand and be understood beyond superficial assessments.

Unheard Voices in A Judgemental World

DEAN highlights the disconnect between perception and reality in ’21,’ noting the disparity between talking at someone and truly listening to them. ‘Everyone talks about you, but no one’s heard your story’—a powerful commentary on how quick society is to judge without striving to understand individual narratives and the nuanced tales they hold.

Through these lyrics, DEAN magnifies the voices that are often suppressed under the weight of society’s expectations. It’s a rallying cry for personal stories to be heard and valued—demonstrating that understanding is a gift more precious than superficial praise.

Dissecting the Song’s Hidden Desolation

‘Wanting to cry without a word, hating people and love’—DEAN doesn’t shy away from displaying the heart’s inner turmoil, the desolation an individual faces when besieged by the world’s relentless trials. The song’s subject experiences an intense emotional ordeal, signaling bouts of disenchantment and despair that often go unnoticed in the throes of adulthood.

But ’21’ is not a ballad of defeat; it’s a chronicle of resilience. The hidden meaning lies not in the evident sorrow but in the determination to care, to hard carry the weight of another’s hardship, offering a shoulder in a society often indifferent to the silent battles fought by its youth.

The Unforgettable Resonance: ‘Would You Be Mine?’

In a single, recurring line, ‘Would you be mine?’ DEAN encapsulates the core aspiration of the human condition—the desire to connect, to belong, to love and be loved. It’s a testament to the evocative power of DEAN’s songwriting, weaving a universal quest into the fabric of a personal tale that resounds with every listener.

At its heart, ’21’ is an exploration of a condition we all know too well: the quest for intimacy in a world that often encourages aloofness. It’s a reminder to us all that behind every number, every ambiguous smile, there’s a depth to be explored, and a story to be known.

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