“A Strange Kind of Beautiful” by Bruno Major

Bruno Major is a musician from England who has thus far dropped one EP, 2014’s “Live”, as well as a couple of LPs, 2017’s “A Song for Every Moon” and 2020’s “To Let a Good Thing Die”.

One of his most-popular songs to date would be 2016’s “Easily”, which has gone gold in Australia. Bruno has yet to achieve mainstream notoriety but he has been hard in the game, both in front and behind the scenes for about a decade as of this writing. 

Featured on his third studio album “Columbo” is a song titled “A Strange Kind of Beautiful”, a track that came out on 7 July 2021 according to Genius. The song is one of the singles from “Columbo”, having more recently been followed, respectively, by “We Were Never Really Friends”, the album’s title track and “Tell Her“.


Bruno Major wrote this song with a regular collaborator of his in Phairo.

A Strange Kind Of Beautiful

The Lyrics of “A Strange Kind of Beautiful”

The way the titular phrase reads within the song is as if the singer is using it to point to things that are “beautiful” though in a “strange” way. 

And in that regard he mentions the likes of “a frozen waterfall”, “a flower at a funeral”, “silence at a curtain call” or “singing to an empty hall” which, let’s say are understandable images within that context. 

But why Major would also reference “the sound of soldiers at the door” in the outro is left up to the listener’s imagination (though it may be, based on the line that precedes it, that he’s referring to something like a revolution).

But underneath all of the artistic and poetic references, this is a love song. That is to say that the ultimate point the vocalist seems to be getting at is likening the aforementioned phenomena – and others mentioned in this song – to his affection for the addressee. And the reason he does so in this manner is because he perceives her as being “unusual”, though in a good way.

Or put more bluntly, this is a love song. And the apple of the vocalist’s eye is someone whom he obviously deems to be very unique, besides having a very effective kiss.

“To touch a frozen waterfall
A flower at a funeral
A strange kind of beautiful
Singing to an empty hall
Silence at the curtain call
You are unusual to me”

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