AirplaneMode – Dissecting a Modern Ode to Detachment and Dominance

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  1. Music Video
  2. Lyrics
  3. Song Meaning
  4. Soaring Above the Static – The Significance of ‘Airplane Mode’
  5. The Art of Intimidation – Breaking Down Braggadocio
  6. Searching for Substance in a Hall of Mirrors
  7. A Chilling Ultimatum – ‘Watch Your Body Deep Freeze’
  8. Ownership Beyond Material Possessions – ‘These motherfuckers never own shit’



Fuck it (fuck it)
Now you duckin’ (now you duckin’)
When I say I got the shooters, baby
No, no, I’m not bluffin’ (baow, baow)
Bustin’ (bustin’)
Why you cuffin’? (Why you cuffin’?)
Hoes they be so obvious
They out here suckin’, fuckin’ (fuckin’)

Duffin’ (duffin’)
Full of dope (full of dope)
Smoke (smoke)
‘Til you choke (’til you choke)
‘Bout to build a moat (build a moat)
On my throne
Handcrafted out of gold (out of gold)

In my coat (in my coat)
I keep a weapon (keep a weapon)
I’ll let it show (let it show)
If you keep on steppin’ (keep on steppin’)
Start the wreckin’
But you don’t wanna breathe (wanna breathe)
Take your lungs
Watch your body deep freeze

These motherfuckers never own shit (own shit)
Airplane mode activated, don’t call bitch
These motherfuckers never own shit (own shit)
Airplane mode activated, don’t call bitch

Full Lyrics

In the labyrinth of modern hip hop, there are tracks that pulse with bravado, while others whisper the melancholy of existence. And then there are those like ‘AirplaneMode’ by Bones – a song that meshes both attitudes into an introspective anthem. On the surface, it exudes the typical confidence and disregard for competition that rap culture glorifies, but a closer look reveals a layered emotional landscape.

The track, with its gritty beats and haunting overtones, serves as a stark canvas for Bones’s introspection. It’s more than a boastful parade; it’s an invitation into the mind of an artist who chooses to disconnect from the world’s noise and flattery, to assert dominance in his own unique way. Bones’s ‘AirplaneMode’ isn’t just a title, it’s a metaphorical stance, a self-imposed isolation and reflection on personal power and the meaning of ownership in today’s world.

Soaring Above the Static – The Significance of ‘Airplane Mode’

To fully appreciate ‘AirplaneMode,’ one must understand the deeper symbolism behind its title. Bones engages ‘Airplane Mode’ not just as a feature on his phone but as a state of being, insulating himself from society’s incessant demands and the superficiality of transient relationships. It’s a deliberate detachment, an assertion of control over one’s environment and the influences allowed within it.

The phrase ‘Airplane mode activated, don’t call bitch’ is an assertive refrain, a mantra that manifests the artist’s commitment to solitude and focus. It implies a conscious choice to silence distractions, ensuring that only the most significant signals – perhaps those from his inner circle, or from his own psyche – penetrate the solitude of his cockpit.

The Art of Intimidation – Breaking Down Braggadocio

Bones’s delivery of lines like ‘I got the shooters, baby, No, no, I’m not bluffin” operates on two planes – literal and symbolic. While on one hand, it could portray the street-hardened image expected in the genre, on a metaphorical level, it also represents the weapons of a lyrical marksman, underscoring his prowess and readiness to defend his artistic territory.

The song’s aggression isn’t just about showcasing strength or promoting violence; it’s about survival in the music industry, where ‘cuffin” or attaching oneself to trends could mean the death of authenticity. Bones distances himself from those ‘so obvious,’ those who give themselves freely to the industry or the limelight, sacrificing their integrity for fleeting gains.

Searching for Substance in a Hall of Mirrors

Peering beneath the steely surface of ‘AirplaneMode,’ there is a commentary on the emptiness of material success. As Bones constructs an auditory ‘moat’ around his golden throne, there’s an acknowledgment of the isolation that comes hand-in-hand with setting oneself apart, whether by wealth, status, or self-imposed exile.

This separation becomes a double-edged sword: on one side, a protective barrier; on the other, a hollow echo. The opulence of a handcrafted gold throne stands as both achievement and a reminder that all that glitters may not bring warmth. Bones’s dominion is self-made – splendid but possibly solitary.

A Chilling Ultimatum – ‘Watch Your Body Deep Freeze’

Unfolding the imagery within the song, one encounters a relentless coldness in Bones’s warnings. The lines ‘But you don’t wanna breathe, Take your lungs, Watch your body deep freeze’ could be seen as a metaphor for his ability to suffocate competition, to leave them breathless as he continues to ascend in his career.

There’s a sense of mercilessness, a nod perhaps to the cutthroat nature of the industry where one’s creative output can metaphorically freeze out the rest, rendering them motionless and forgotten. The message to potential rivals is crystal clear: step into my territory and face a frosty demise.

Ownership Beyond Material Possessions – ‘These motherfuckers never own shit’

The recurring line ‘These motherfuckers never own shit’ is Bones’s raw take on authenticity and ownership. It’s not just about possessions but about owning one’s presence, art, and the path one walks. In an era where everyone seems to be on loan – their style, their sound, their self-worth – being self-owned is the ultimate power move.

The emphasis on ‘never’ signifies a permanence in the lack of ownership he observes in his peers – a stark difference from his own choice to ‘activate’ his independence and take flight. Bones’s assertion of ownership is not merely of the material but extends to his identity, his choices, and his unyielding control over his artistic voice.

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