All We Know by Paramore Lyrics Meaning – Unraveling the Threads of Loss and Letting Go

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We’ve tried so hard to understand
But we can’t
We held the world out in our hands
And you ran away

It takes some time to let you go
And it shows

‘Cause all we know is falling, it falls
And remember, ’cause I know that we won’t forget at all

Now we could follow you back home
But we won’t
Is this what you had waited for
Just to be alone?

It takes some time to let you go
And it shows

‘Cause all we know is falling, it falls
And remember, ’cause I know that we won’t forget at all

You never
You never said
This wasn’t what you wanted
Was it?
Was it?

This isn’t what you wanted
This isn’t what you wanted

‘Cause all we know is falling, it falls
And remember, ’cause I know that we won’t forget at all

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Within the tightly woven tapestry of modern rock anthems, Paramore’s ‘All We Know’ emerges as a profound commentary on the pangs of loss and the inevitable gravity of letting go. While the surface-level dynamics of the song gesture towards high-octane melodies and emo-pop sensibilities, a closer inspection reveals layers of emotional depth, etched into the very heart of its lyrics.

Released as part of their debut album ‘All We Know Is Falling,’ the song stitches together personal heartache with collective experience, speaking to a generational malaise. This exploration goes beyond the conventional, delving deep into the fabric of what it means to confront abandonment and the silent agony of withstanding the aftershocks.

An Ode to the Inescapable Descent: Understanding the Gravity of ‘All We Know’

Allegorically rich, ‘All We Know’ embodies the intrinsic human confrontation with decline. The recurring line ‘All we know is falling, it falls’ serves as a melancholic mantra, an acceptance of the uncontrolled plummet that often accompanies life’s unforeseen challenges. The song frames falling not just as a physical act, but as an emotional constant.

The fall from grace, be it in relationships, dreams, or ideals, becomes a poetic motif for the universal experience of disappointment. As we attempt to process these moments through Paramore’s lens, we find solace in the shared truth that sometimes, all we truly understand is the nature of our own descent.

The Lingering Echo of Memories: ‘And remember, ’cause I know that we won’t forget at all’

Arguably one of the most haunting aspects of ‘All We Know’ is its stark reflection on memory’s persistence. The insistent pledge, ‘And remember, ’cause I know that we won’t forget at all,’ speaks of an eternal imprint, a scar upon the psyche that refuses to fade.

This line captures the adhesive quality of significant moments, irrespective of any desire to shed their weight. Memories, particularly those hewn from the stone of loss, seem to have a life of their own—clinging, recalling, and defining. The song acknowledges this bitter truth, while assigning it a sense of honor and continued relevance.

The Silent Screams of Unspoken Goodbyes: ‘You never… You never said’

Underneath the driving crescendos of ‘All We Know’ lies a silent scream—a yearning for closure that never came. The repetition of ‘You never… You never said’ embodies the torment of words left unsaid, promises unfulfilled, and the gaping void left by an unexpected departure.

Here, Paramore touches upon the profound pain of ambiguity in separation. To be denied the catharsis of a properly articulated farewell not only intensifies the sense of abandonment but also suspends the grieving process like a photograph: fixed, unchanging, forever questioning.

The Unseen Threads That Bind Us: Deciphering the Hidden Meaning

Peeling back the layers, ‘All We Know’ may also serve as an emblem for the band’s personal tribulations. The departure of bassist Jeremy Davis right before the album release shadows the lyrics with an additional layer of authenticity and rawness.

While the song’s narrative appears to address a generic ‘other,’ the intimate understanding with which Paramore delivers each line suggests we’re also eavesdropping on an internal dialogue. The piercing precision with which the song articulates the sentiments of loss hints at a whisper of reality threading through the soundscape.

A Refrain that Resonates: The Anthemic Quality of Paramore’s Pain

In forging an anthem of falling and failing, Paramore has crafted a bittersweet symphony that resonates far beyond the confines of the song itself. There’s an electrifying charge to the way ‘All We Know’ morphs from personal lament to public exclamation, offering a mirror to our own struggles.

An anthem becomes such by providing a common ground, a chorus that can be sung in unison for different reasons but with identical fervor. ‘All We Know’ achieves this; a chorus of kindred spirits joined in a shared celebration of resilience amidst the chaos of falling and a testament to the human spirit’s indomitable will to emerge wiser from the wreckage.

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