“…And Then the Liver Screamed ‘Help!'” by Chiodos

“…And Then the Liver Screamed ‘Help!'” is a song which requires an ample amount of reading in between the lines to try to make sense of. For instance, one of the first ideas the title may bring to mind is alcoholism, as such is a practice which indeed tends to put the liver, above all other organs, in danger. 

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And it is inferred in the chorus that such may well be the case, i.e. the vocalist being caught in one of those types of predicaments where he is feeding his addiction in the name of staving off associated withdrawal symptoms, or something like that. 

Or as inferred in the post-chorus, we human beings have a tendency to look for relief in practices which ultimately prove detrimental to our wellbeing.

But more than serving as an anti-alcohol PSA, it appears that the thesis sentiment of “…And Then the Liver Screamed ‘Help!'” revolves around the vocalist being cast into a state of depression due to the absence of the addressee. Or viewed differently, this person not being around is one of the reasons he’s compelled to resort to the bottle. He is doing so apparently to mitigate the associated discomfort. 

Whereas the nature of their relationship is not revealed, all lyrics considered the most-logical explanation would perhaps be that it is romantic in nature. The ‘pain in his side’ that he is consuming alcohol in the name of ‘getting rid of’ may be an allegory for Adam’s rib, in a manner of speaking.

Final Thoughts about “…And Then the Liver Screamed ‘Help!'”

Sometimes with these rock bands like Chiodos, let’s just say that nothing comes easy. So ultimately, underneath all of the poetic and roundabout lingo we are dealt here, what this piece more simply reads like is a song of heartbreak. And unfortunately for the vocalist, being without the one he loves is also lending to his abuse of alcohol.

"...And Then the Liver Screamed 'Help!'" Lyrics


Chiodos is a band from Michigan whose area of specialization is a genre known as post-hardcore. Their artistry also, to some degree, appears to have a comedic slant.

Between 2005 and 2014 this act released four studio albums. One of these albums (2007’s “Bone Palace Ballet”) proved to be a chart topper on a number of different US Billboard lists. 

It is from that project that we get “…And Then the Live Screamed ‘Help!'”, with this song more specifically being made public on 26 January 2009. The labels behind this all are Equal Vision and Warner Bros.

Credits for “…And Then the Live Screamed ‘Help!'”

This song was written by the entire Chiodos band, with its producer being one Casey Bates.

...And Then the Liver Screamed "Help!"

Chiodos’ “Bone Palace Ballet”

“Bone Palace Ballet” is a post-hardcore album released on September 4 of 2007. The said album was officially released as the band’s second studio album. On October 28 of the following year, a 15-track version of the album was officially reissued.

The album was recorded at Saint Claire Recording Company. This is a recording studio located in Lexington, Kentucky. Its production has been credited to American record producer from Seattle, Casey Bates.

Within the first week of the album’s release in the United States, almost 40,000 copies were sold. It earned a spot at No.5 on the Billboard 200 chart. By January of 2009, over 200,000 copies had been sold in the US alone.

The album is regarded as one of the best performing post-hardcore albums ever.

In all, 2 singles were released from the album. The first of these singles was: “Lexington (Joey Pea-Pot with a Monkey Face)”. The second was “The Undertaker’s Thirst for Revenge Is Unquenchable (The Final Battle)”.

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