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(Make it be a part of me)

What can I say?
Everything just happened to play out this way
I remember when I was in Miami, off the Xans
I paid three hundred for fakes
F-Fake Prada on my face
Now I got real Prada on my face
This shit is crazy (Shit is crazy)
New day, new pain
Nothing was ever the same
I′m three three three for the Ain
The numbers fell from the rain
New year, new me-e
It used to be two, now it’s three
The apple fell far from the tree
I hear someone calling on me
But I go too hard on the weed
Bladee, I put the club on the Es
Trash Star, yeah, Lego
Build piece for piece
I′m tripping too hard, PCP
This shit got me down on my knees
Open the window
Yeah, we spraying Febreze
What is the meaning
In the end it’s all dreams
Slow motion
We can run down the beach
In the night I will eat
If it’s real then it bleeds
I hear someone calling to me
Make it be a part of me
Make it be a part of me

In the night I will eat
If it′s real then it bleeds
If it′s real then it bleeds
If it’s real then it bleeds
I used to be you, now it′s me
The apple fell far from the tree

Full Lyrics

In a world where rapid flux is the only constant, the artistry in music often serves as a reflective surface for the tumultuous journey of self-discovery and transformation. Bladee’s ‘Apple’ is no outlier in this regard, providing a haunting melody accompanied by lyrics that serve as an introspective dialogue.

As we dissect the elements that make up this enigmatic anthem, we uncover layers that echo the existential riddles we all grapple with. Bladee isn’t just vocalizing personal anecdotes; he’s invigorating a mantra for the collective consciousness grappling with the bitterness of change and the pursuit of authenticity.

The Alchemy of Growth: From Frauds to Authenticity

One could argue that Bladee’s ‘Apple’ is a candid introspection of growth, particularly through the lens of material transformation. He juxtaposes his past adorned with fake accessories against his current status symbolized by ‘real Prada.’ It’s more than flaunting wealth; it’s an acknowledgment of having traversed a path from imitation to genuine self-representation.

This metamorphosis isn’t limited to tangible goods but symbolizes an internal evolution. As he moved along his journey, shedding the artificial layers, Bladee reflects on the inevitable changes that redefine his identity and his perception of reality.

An Elegy for the Past: Nostalgia Warped by Substances

There’s a palpable sense of nostalgia and regret in the recounting of Miami days ‘off the Xans.’ These memories laced with substance abuse suggest a distorted remembrance, a melancholic yearning for a time that might have been as false as the counterfeit Prada he wore.

It’s a cautionary tale of sorts, speaking to the dangers of losing oneself to the haze of addiction, and a recognition that the clarity desired is often clouded by the very means we seek to achieve it.

Numerological Intrigue and Cosmic Imagery

Numbers play a crucial role within the narrative of ‘Apple.’ The repetition of ‘three’—a number often associated with harmony, wisdom, and understanding—hints at a search for stability within chaos. ‘The numbers fell from the rain’ could suggest that these revelations come unexpectedly, cleansing and chaotic like a storm.

This interplay with numerology adds depth to Bladee’s message, hinting at forces beyond our control or understanding that dictate the rhythm of life and personal evolution.

Unpeeling ‘Apple’: The Song’s Hidden Meaning

At its core, ‘Apple’ is rife with existential musings. When Bladee speaks of the apple falling far from the tree, it invokes the age-old phrase about lineage and resemblance, but with a twist that emphasizes an intentional disassociation from origins or expectations.

As the line repeats, ‘If it’s real then it bleeds,’ it implies that authenticity comes with vulnerability. This vulnerability is not only an integral part of growth but also the harrowing cost of being truly authentic in a world that values facades.

‘This Shit Is Crazy’: Memorable Lines that Echo in the Void

The simple exclamation ‘This shit is crazy’ resonates as a profound statement on the bewildering nature of life’s changes. Integrated not for shock value but as a casual summation of his existential realization, Bladee blurs the lines between the ordinary and the poignant.

This line acts like a mantra that encapsulates the absurdity and beauty of his, and vicariously, our own life experiences. In this refrain lies recognition—of the journey from counterfeit to genuine experiences, from dissonant memories to coherent self-awareness, and from alienation to authentic self-actualization.

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