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Madonna’s “Vogue” Lyrics Meaning

“Vogue” is clearly a dance song, i.e. one of those which encourages listeners to do a specific type of move. And that particular dance is known as vogueing, which is something Madonna picked up on via...


“I Know There’s Something Going On” by Frida

Frida was formerly a member of the renowned Swedish musical group ABBA. And one of the good things about the songs this grouping tends to put out is that they’re easy to understand. Such is the...

Watermelon Sugar

“Watermelon Sugar” by Harry Styles

As far as the unorthodox title (“Watermelon Sugar”) of this song, it can theoretically be traced back to a lady whom Harry Styles dated named Camille Rowe. Miss Rowe referenced a book entitled “In Watermelon Sugar” (1968) as...