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Live Forever

Oasis’ “Live Forever” Lyrics Meaning

Despite Noel Gallagher, the writer of “Live Forever”, being in his mid-20’s when it was written, it can perhaps be classified as an expression similar to teenage angst. The singer (Liam Gallagher) has reached a...

Sup Mate

“Sup Mate” by Young Thug (ft. Future)

“Sup Mate” features bad boy homeys Young Thug and Future in all of their debauched glory. That is to say that “Sup Mate’ is a celebration of their common lifestyle, which is highlighted by constant...

Rock Witchu

“Rock Witchu” by PRETTYMUCH

The easiest way to describe Prettymuch’s “Rock Witchu” is that it features the band trying to entice a certain romantic interest(s). That is to say that the boys have found someone they like and for...