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A long time ago I never knew myself. Then the memory
Of shame birthed its gift.
No more. The small one, the weak one, the frightened one.
Running from beatings, deflating. I’m becoming more
Than a man. More than you ever were. Driven and burning
To rise beyond Jesus.

I’m born again with snakes eyes
Becoming Godsize

I found my life was slipping through my hands. Perhaps
Through death my life won’t be so bad.
I can see you, can fuck you, inside of you. Staring through
Your eyes. Belittle your friends to serve me, to suck me,
To realize my saving grasp. I of suicide. I the unlord.

I’m born again with snakes eyes
Becoming Godsize

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Pantera’s ‘Becoming’ is not just a song. It’s a raw, throbbing pulse of transformation and the ferocious journey one undergoes in the quest for supremacy over their origins. The track, belonging to their seminal 1994 album ‘Far Beyond Driven’, delves deep into the psyche of an individual coming to terms with their past and metamorphosing into a force that is ‘more than a man’.

The gritty, relentless thrash metal sound Pantera is known for serves as a perfect backdrop for this exploration of inner strength and the will to transcend human limitations. But what does it all mean? The song’s ‘tough-guy’ exterior belies a philosophical introspection which is worth a deep dive. Let’s tune into ‘Becoming’ and decipher its layered messages.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Outcast

The opening lines of ‘Becoming’ speak of a recognition and rejection of a former, weaker self. This past self is fraught with shame, which, rather than being crippling, becomes a gift—a catalyst for change. The song’s persona has weathered a history of being downtrodden, equivalent to a baptism by fire, forging an identity far removed from his prior existence.

Beneath the blistering riffs and aggressive lyrics lies a universal narrative of growth. We all know what it’s like to flee from our beatings, whether they be literal or metaphorical. ‘Becoming’ becomes a gnarled hand reaching out to pull us into the realization that we, too, can rise above our birthrights and former selves.

The God Complex: From Mortal to Deity

The provocative line ‘rising beyond Jesus’ parallels the titanic ambition to surpass even the holiest of figures. It isn’t just growth – it’s an evolution that breaches the realm of the divine. ‘Becoming Godsize’ is a declaration of an almost blasphemous level of self-empowerment, unapologetically asserting the narrator’s newfound power.

This lyrical leap might be interpreted as the ultimate form of self-actualization within the context of aggressive individualism that Pantera channels through its music. It’s about forging a sense of power and control so vast that it borders on omnipotence. It’s more than self-confidence; it’s an existential rebellion.

Through the Snakes Eyes: Vision of a New Predatory Life

Reborn ‘with snakes eyes’, the song’s character embraces a newfound cunning and perception—the predatory instinct to see and seize opportunity, and to be feared. In the harsh world Pantera constructs, vulnerability equals death, and the only way to survive is to become the apex predator.

Snakes, often vilified, are also symbols of rebirth, shedding their skin to become something new. This powerful imagery of transformation and the will to power runs rampant throughout the track, positing that to become something greater, one must be willing to shed the past completely.

Saviour or Destroyer? – The Dichotomy within ‘I of Suicide’

The song refers to the narrator as ‘I of suicide’, which at first may seem darkly nihilistic. However, by positioning oneself as ‘the unlord’, there’s an implication of overthrowing an existing order. This ‘suicide’ can be a metaphorical killing of the past self and the societal expectations that accompany it.

It’s a bold proclamation of self-liberation, a severing of chains that might resonate with many who feel suffocated by the pressures and norms dictated to them. In becoming ‘I of suicide’, the narrator is both the savior and the antagonist of their own story.

A Mantra of Intensity: ‘Becoming Godsize’ in Pantera’s Canon

The repetition of ‘I’m born again with snake’s eyes / Becoming Godsize’ hits like a war drum, echoing the song’s themes of rebirth and godlike ascent. It is an anthem for renewal, urging listeners to find the divine within, manifest destiny on their terms, and approach life with an assertive, almost conquering attitude.

The audacity of the phrase seals it as a memorable line, serving not only as a climax within the song but as a guiding principle for the listener. It invites—no, demands—that we each take a long, hard look at the extent of our potential. Pantera, with its unflinching sound and brute lyricism, provides a soundtrack for the journey to actualization.

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