Beta Male Strategies by JPEGMAFIA Lyrics Meaning – Dissecting the Internet’s Culture Wars and Masculinity

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Ain’t no details, ain’t no conversation
Ain’t no real money in rap, nigga
It’s all retail, shit, retail, uh (hahaha, haha)
Niggas been talkin’ shit (talkin’ shit)
I tell ’em, “Pull up, bitch”
Cease to exist (alright, you gon’ ease to exist)
Don’t get exposed, nigga (sucka)
Keep code, nigga
Only in it for the cash, I’m a gold digger (uh)
Shitpost, nigga
When I die, my tombstone’s Twitter, Twitter

Ain’t no details (nah), ain’t no conversations (nah)
Ain’t no real money in rap (shut up)
It’s all retail (facts, yeah)
It’s all outrage (for real)
Y’all put this pussy in the prime position (for real)
Young Peggy, I’m false prophet
Bringin’ white folks this new religion
My fans need new addictions (say it)
Niggas been talking shit (talkin’ shit)
I tell ’em, “Pull up, bitch”
Cease to exist (exist man)
Don’t get exposed, nigga (pack, uh)
Keep code, nigga
Only in it for the cash, I’m a gold digger (ooh)
Shitpost, nigga

A’ight, we gon’ do it like this
Say what you said on Twitter right now (right now, exactly, nigga)
You only brave with a board and a mouse (uh-huh)
You wouldn’t talk when I put you in the ground (sucka)
Don’t leave the house
Don’t get capped by a nigga in a motherfuckin’ gown

Fuck (huh, huh)
Phew, phew (oh)
Phew, phew, fuck
Ah, ah, ah (thank God)

These niggas fragile (thank God)
Rap been so good to me
I hope it gets me cancelled (oh)
Y’all hope that I’ll be dead soon (huh)
Ooh, bitch I’m must be scarin’ you (hey, oh)
I packed the fix in case you bitches want a scandal, I came (huh)
Glock with the dick, y’all be typin’ it (yeah)
But y’all ain’t gonna do shit (shit)
In your pussy ass life

Phew, phew, phew (oh)
Phew, phew, fuck

Hahaha, hahahaha, ha bitch
Ha, mmh
Ha, yeah, haha

Full Lyrics

In the melee of contemporary internet discourse, JPEGMAFIA’s ‘Beta Male Strategies’ stands as a glaring critique of online machismo and rap’s intersection with digital bravado. The song beckons a deep dive well below the veneer of its abrasive production to unearth a landscape where masculinity, Twitter antics, and the hip-hop industry collide.

Peggy, as he’s affectionately known, weaves a tapestry rich with irony, calling out keyboard warriors and exposing the bravado that permeates cyber interactions and the music scene. Today, we venture beyond the pulsating beat to explore what lies beneath this confrontational track.

Cyber Bravado vs. Reality: The Bold Contrast

Through ‘Beta Male Strategies,’ JPEGMAFIA amplifies a stark contrast between online trolls—men who display a forceful persona behind the safety of their screens—and their real-world cowardice. The lyrics, ‘Say what you said on Twitter right now / You only brave with a board and a mouse,’ directly call out those who talk tough online but would ‘cease to exist’ in a face-to-face scenario.

This phenomenon isn’t just confined to Twitter wars; it’s symptomatic of a broader societal propensity for people to adopt fiercer, more polarized identities online. JPEGMAFIA attacks the facade, cutting through the digital smoke with verbal knives sharpened on the stone of reality.

The Rap Game’s Illusion of Wealth and the Gold Digger Confession

In an industry that often glorifies wealth, JPEGMAFIA lays bare a contentious truth: ‘Ain’t no real money in rap, nigga / It’s all retail.’ The commentary isn’t just a blunt assessment of the music industry’s economics; it’s a jaded insider’s acknowledgment of the superficial prosperity that many rappers project.

Peggy portrays himself paradoxically as a ‘gold digger,’ sarcastically identifying with those who are after money, despite earlier stating its scarcity in rap. It’s a pointed jab at those in the industry who may only be in it for the cash, underlining the dissonance between the perception and the reality of the rapper’s lifestyle.

The ‘False Prophet’ and the New Religion of Social Media

Among the various personas JPEGMAFIA adopts, he declares himself a ‘false prophet,’ offering a ‘new religion’ to the white masses. This proclamation isn’t just irony; it’s a satirical look at how artists like Peggy become unwitting leaders of online movements, beckoning fans to their ‘new addictions.’

Social media platforms have become modern-day altars where followers worship at the profiles of influencers, and JPEGMAFIA isn’t afraid to highlight this absurdity. His lyrics also acknowledge the power dynamics at play and the racial undertones that come with his position in the industry.

Unpacking the ‘Glock with the Dick’: Symbolism in the Shock

Peggy’s choice of words is intentional shock therapy delivered with precision. ‘Glock with the dick, y’all be typin’ it / But y’all ain’t gonna do shit’ serves as a double entendre, referencing the extended magazine of a gun while also mocking the hypermasculine posturing found in both rap and online discourse.

It’s a powerful image that calls to mind the inherent darkness of his message, while simultaneously skewering those who fetishize violence and toughness. The line encapsulates the bravado that the song targets—impotent threats typified by ‘pussy ass life’—and flips the script on what strength really means.

Cancelling Culture and the Glorification of Takedowns

JPEGMAFIA’s reference to being ‘cancelled’ reflects the modern trial-by-social-media trend where public figures face mass denunciation for perceived slights. ‘Rap been so good to me / I hope it gets me cancelled,’ is a provocative invitation for critics to engage with him at their peril.

In expressing a desire for cancellation, Peggy not only anticipates the social media mob’s move but also seems to relish in the potential for making a statement through controversy. It’s this kind of flagrant disregard for public opinion that has become part of his unique brand, cementing his reputation as an iconoclast in an era where many are quick to judge and slow to understand.

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