Bloodhound Gang’s “The Bad Touch” Lyrics Meaning

“The Bad Touch” is a song filled with allusions to bedroom fun which are too risqué to detail here. The track begins with the singer addressing what would logically be his romantic interest (i.e. the addressee throughout the rest of the track). And he sets the stage by letting her know that he intends to talk about the “very-important differences between human beings and animals”, specifically within the context of “the act of mating”.

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And whereas “mammals” and “the Discovery Channel” (a television network which regularly airs animal-oriented documentaries) are mentioned in the choruses, this track really doesn’t make any other references to the animal kingdom (unless you consider “doggy —–” as such). Rather it is basically an expression of the vocalist’s eagerness to be really intimate with the addressee. And once again, he uses a whole lot of colorful metaphors to get this point across. And whereas the first verse may be more-explicit than the second, once you know the meaning of the song pretty much the entirety of it is adult themed. 

Indeed with references to the likes of ‘Siskel and Ebert’, “hieroglyphics”, “FedEx”, “Tool Time”, “Mister Coffee” and the game “Battleship”, a child may view this as an innocent, playful tune. Meanwhile an adult would likely be marveling at the fact that the writer was able to relate such nouns to vigorous bedroom fun.

To wrap it all up…

 “The Bad Touch” is primarily a song about intimacy in the bedroom. In fact even the aforementioned references to “mammals” and the “Discovery Channel” are meant to point to the idea of humans, like animals, possessing only limited control over their sensual urges. Or perhaps more specifically within the context of this song, people willingly giving in to such urges.

And what’s the meaning of the title (“The Bad Touch”)?

 Meanwhile the title, “the bad touch”, basically alludes to being sensual with someone against their will (i.e. sexual harassment). And it is commonly used in reference to child abuse. However, the title is never actually mentioned in the song. And most likely it was not named so to offend anyone or inspire any type of criminal behavior. Rather its intent, outside of its well-known sensual connotation, would likely be more along the lines of its humor (i.e. parody) and shock value. In other words, the Bloodhound Gang are basically making fun of the term “the bad touch”.

Lyrics of “The Bad Touch”

Music Video

The fancy ‘monkeyrat’ outfits the bloodhound gang used in filming the video for the song is said to have cost a total of about $200. It was shot while they were on a European tour, on Paris’ streets in 1999. The highlights of this four-minute video are as follows:

  • The kidnapping of some four women
  • Gay men enjoying each other’s company
  • Animals doing it
  • A band member eating maggot
  • The death of actor Jordan Prentice who plays the role of a dwarf mime

There is an uncensored version of the music video that shows even more offensive scenes. After the video was premiered, a scene showing two gay men being beaten by the band was cut. This was after a complaint by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance against Defamation (GLAAD) and an MTV review.

Despite its popularity on MTV, students of the University of Maryland threatened their administration to embark on a boycott and demonstrations if Bloodhound Gang was not removed from the performing artists at the school’s annual Art Attack in the year 2000. Most of the students, particularly those of Asian and African-American descent were the most upset. They raised concerns that the band’s lyrics were offensive racially and also demeaning to them as well as women and homosexuals in general.

When was “The Bad Touch” released?

“The Bad Touch” was released on May 31, 1999. Regardless of its overly sensual content, with its cover featuring two zebras doing it, the song was a big hit in several parts of Europe. Within a year of its release, it topped the charts in many countries. And some of these places include:

  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Scotland
  • Ireland
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Spain

It also made it into the top 10 in Denmark, Austria, Iceland, the UK and Switzerland. In the US, the song peaked at number 52.

Eminem References “The Bad Touch”

“Bad Touch” has been referenced in Eminem’s “The Real Slim Shady”. FYI, “The Real Slim Shady” went on to win a Grammy. It is considered one of the greatest rap tunes of all time.

Written and produced by Jimmy Pops. This controversial track is said to have been influenced by Pop’s love for the Discovery Channel

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