Buck Shots – Decoding the Visceral Message in Hip-Hop’s Labyrinth

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  1. Music Video
  2. Lyrics
  3. Song Meaning
  4. Anatomy of a Gritty Anthem: Vivid Teenage Nostalgia
  5. Confronting the Haunting Presence of Violence
  6. A$AP Rocky’s Lyrical Canvas: Painting a Picture of Prosperity Amid Peril
  7. The Paradox of Power: Unpacking the Song’s Hidden Message
  8. Echoes of Harlem: How ‘Buck Shots’ Resonates With A$AP Rocky’s Heritage


I ain’t scared
Real niggas put the clip in and let it go, uh
Real niggas wanna run real
Real (buck shot)
Real niggas from the roll real (buck shot)
Real niggas from the M
Real niggas from the home (buck shot)
Homeboy you ain’t know (buck shot)
Had a bitch suckin’ on a lollipop at the bus stop
Green Glock, red Glock (buck shot)
They ain’t really ready for me when I (buck shot)
They ain’t really ready for me when I (buck shot)
What’s a blood clot
Niggas know not what nigga what not (yeah)
From the fort Fort Knox this ain’t Fortnite
Nigga get your shit rocked nigga
Buck shot (uh uh) (buck shot)
And my pictures like a mugshot (uh)
And all my bitches got buttshots

Buck shots left your man dead in the damn lot
In the kitchen pourin’ up the wok (yeah)
Doin’ on the fuckin’ clock
Yeah, buttshots everybody in this bitch got a mugshot
Hold up, hold up
Push up now they on your block
Bitch I’m off a bean and the damn wok
Got a clip and it’s full (buck shot)
Leave a motherfucker in the ends where they (buck shot)
Man I was grown up since a young blood (buck shot)
Now I’m bussin’ off shots (yeah they-yeah they buck shot)
Back in my younger days all I want was brains
All my mama want from me was grades (buck shot)
They ain’t really ready for me when I (buck shot)
One stop get some drugs and a damn Glock
Hold up

Got them bullets aimin’ at your head top
AK-47 try to run up and we send shots (pew pew)
Walkin’ with my chains out on a opp block
I was drippin’ jewels don’t try to run up you get dropped off
Pull up flexin’ with the top down
I’m with gang with some baddies on a yacht now (yeah)
Bought a brand new Mulsanne, Gucci down now
Nigga you ain’t in my lane you a clown now (yeah)
Keep the semi tucked, nigga what you want now (yeah)
Bought a brand new gun its gon’ catch you up (yeah)
Simons on my feet, I stay feet up (yeah)
Watch me pull up on the scene nigga T’d up (yeah)

Buck shot
Buck shot
Buck shot
End’s with a buck shot

Full Lyrics

A$AP Rocky’s ‘Buck Shots’ from his album ‘Testing’ is more than just another track in the Harlem rapper’s catalog. It’s a densely layered sonic and lyrical exploration of street life, existential bravado, and the complexity of urban existence.

Digging through the gunpowder residue of Rocky’s verses, we uncover themes that extend far beyond their initial bang. In this dissection, we delve into the fabric of a song that has left listeners reeling with its potent blend of aggression and artistry.

Anatomy of a Gritty Anthem: Vivid Teenage Nostalgia

The track kicks off with a decisive declaration of fearlessness, a common trope in hip-hop which Rocky delivers with his signature smooth yet foreboding tone. The ‘buck shots’ serve as a metaphor for disrupting the status quo, asserting oneself in a world that constantly tries to suppress the marginalized, embodying a rite of passage from childhood to the tough realities of adult life.

Rocky’s lyrics paint a picture of his younger days, a time filled with desires for simple pleasures and a mother’s simple dreams for her son. These retrospective lines dance between innocence and the encroaching shadow of maturity.

Confronting the Haunting Presence of Violence

With each ‘buck shot’, Rocky alludes to the sudden and violent interruptions that characterize life in the ‘roll’ or ‘ends’. The song becomes a narrative of survival and testimony, the kind that can only be told by those who’ve witnessed the brutality of urban conflict first hand.

This is the stark reality Rocky exposes—a world where being prepared for assault, owning a ‘Green Glock, red Glock’, is as necessary as breathing. It’s a chilling commentary on the normalization of gun violence in certain echelons of American society.

A$AP Rocky’s Lyrical Canvas: Painting a Picture of Prosperity Amid Peril

Despite the ominous overtones of violence, ‘Buck Shots’ juxtaposes chaotic street scenes with the opulence and success that Rocky has achieved. His indulgences in diamonds and luxury automobiles provide a stark contrast to the fatalistic environment he describes, creating a tension between his past and present realities.

The acquisition of wealth and symbols of affluence serve as both trophies of survival and armor against his previous life, hedging the raw violence of his lyrics against the comfort afforded by fame and fortune.

The Paradox of Power: Unpacking the Song’s Hidden Message

At its core, ‘Buck Shots’ reveals the dichotomy of empowerment versus entrapment. The track embodies the paradoxical nature of the gun as a symbol—it’s both a tool for protection and an instrument of damnation. A$AP Rocky navigates this double-edge with expertise, acknowledging the allure of power while cognizant of its ability to doom and destroy.

Moreover, the song critiques the allure of gang life, questioning the validity of the bloodshed it entails. It’s a raw representation of Rocky’s contemplation on the cycle of violence that is perpetuated by a system designed to fail young, black men.

Echoes of Harlem: How ‘Buck Shots’ Resonates With A$AP Rocky’s Heritage

Rocky’s Harlem roots burst through the seams of ‘Buck Shots’, where every line drips with the grit and rhythm of his upbringing. His allusion to street names, specific locales, and the pulsing thrum of city life offer a nod to the place that made him while also critiquing the very circumstances he had to overcome.

This track isn’t just about Rocky’s personal journey; it’s an anthem for anyone who’s been shaped by the relentless forge of urban America. As the beat thumps on, ‘Buck Shots’ scores the heartbeat of a community, rich with complexity and wrought with undeniable energy.

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