Bury Your Flame – Unearthing the Intensity Behind Emotional Infernos

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  2. Lyrics
  3. Song Meaning
  4. A Toast to the Tumultuous Self: The Self-Blame Game
  5. Burning Bridges and Retreating Shadows
  6. The Vines of Visitation: Burying the Ghosts of Regret
  7. Deciphering the Allegory Behind the Inferno
  8. Memorable Lines That Sear the Soul


Oh, we could blame it on our hands
They lifted the drink to our mouths so we drank it
Or we could blame it on our bodies
They say, we like the way we feel when we get touched
You’ve got your fingers snared in my veins
I think it’s time you pulled them out
And I don’t care about the flesh it’ll tear
It isn’t flesh that I’m worried about

We held a match to keep our sight on the path
But the flame gave up and we lost it
And I’ve knelt for the last three years
Trying to find it back with the blackened matchstick
Today I’m not afraid of failure
The past is a flower
The future, the snow
I wasn’t ever close to perfect
But I never let you go

You let your doubt lead you like a river on and on
And you will never get back to save what you had
Hear me promise
I will bury your problems in me
So sleep soundly
I held your heart in my fingers
Now it’s gone, it’s gone, it’s gone and you will never admit
That you bid the wind blow the flames out
And buried the coals in the sea
You tricked me

You came back and you brought floods
Wearing a necklace made of hearts that you’d dragged through the mud
And I guess I wasn’t quite sure what to say to you
But then I saw mine, almost reached out to grab it
Said, darling, you’re the only one on earth I want to have it
But now I’m not so sure that was true
After the hell you put it through
But there was no sharp pain this time
Just the ghost of your presence compressing my chest like a vine
An unshakable absence
Like most of my insides crawled out of my mouth and went west
But that’s fine
We cast our hearts in plaster
We imagined our bodies were fashioned of stone
But they chipped at the brick and mortar
We found out that we’re only layers of skin hiding bones
And our bones are like chains, old and rusted in the rain
They’re going to snap when the weight shifts

You moved like a fire through the forest
Your hands were as red as the skin on your lips
You’d been flirting with distance, princess
I tasted its spit in your kiss
Oh mistress, know
Today I will bury the flames of your failure
The past is a liar
The future, a whore
I’ll lay your bones into the earth and you will haunt my head no more
Oh, we could blame it on our hands
Oh, we could blame it on our hands
But it was our mouths that opened up to swallow
(Oh, we could blame it on our hands)
And our heads that commanded us drink
But as I buried your flames in the dirt
I watched the smoke pull your ghost from the grave
And I fear they’ll only lay in wait
Until we are face to face again
Just when I said, I’m moving, I’m moving on
I felt them come to life again and again and again and again

There are fires
That tear through valleys and make dust from grass
There are fires
There are wires
Bound in blue light, they pull us to the past
There are wires
We are tired
We should have known from the start that this wouldn’t last
We are tired

Full Lyrics

In the evocative sphere of post-hardcore poetry, La Dispute has etched a fiery path with their song ‘Bury Your Flame’. The track affords listeners a voyeuristic passage into the tumultuous realm of emotional turmoil and self-reflection. It’s a journey through the kindling of personal connections and the subsequent ashes left by their inevitable burning out.

Scrutinizing the metaphors, the raw energy of the delivery, and the haunting urgency of their message, ‘Bury Your Flame’ becomes a nuanced narrative. It’s far more than an auditory experience; it’s a resonating discourse on the human condition. What follows are the whispered secrets and shouted truths hidden within the band’s passionate cries.

A Toast to the Tumultuous Self: The Self-Blame Game

The opening salvo of ‘Bury Your Flame’ hits with deceptive simplicity as it addresses the all-too-human tendency to pass the blame onto anything but our own decisions. These lines give voice to a universal struggle, recognizing the blame we place on the inanimate – our hands for lifting the drink, our bodies for craving touch – to absolve a deeper sense of personal responsibility.

Yet the song does not wallow in self-denial. Instead, it reels in the listener to confront the pain of self-awareness, the recognition that actions, however influenced, remain intrinsically personal. In doing so, the song challenges us to embrace our own role in both turmoil and healing.

Burning Bridges and Retreating Shadows

The melody’s middle passage unveils a progression from darkness to acceptance. Loss – not just of love, but of one’s own sense of self – is lit and left behind like a torch extinguished in the unknown. The song’s protagonist kneels, fruitlessly searching for what was lost, grappling with the shadows of the past, represented by the ‘blackened matchstick’.

But it is in this surrender to the futility of rekindling that a transformation occurs. Failure transmutes into courage, and the narrative shifts from that of a lost soul to a wayfarer on a path towards an unfixed future, symbolized by the transient beauty of flowers and the ephemeral nature of snow.

The Vines of Visitation: Burying the Ghosts of Regret

Regret is not a ghost easily banished, and ‘Bury Your Flame’ owns this specter with every verse. Lyrics speaking of the ‘ghost of your presence’ and dragging one’s heart ‘through the mud’ evoke a vivid illustration of emotional remains and the effort to dispose of them. La Dispute invokes the imagery of physical suffering to mirror an emotional purge, suggesting a level of suffering that’s tangible, visceral.

The haunting insistence that these pains will resurface, that the ‘smoke pull[s] your ghost from the grave’, confronts an often-uncomfortable truth: emotional closure is a myth. The act of burying one’s flame is less about forgetting and more about learning to live with the ashes.

Deciphering the Allegory Behind the Inferno

The song plays out as a masterful metaphor for emotional calamities, the kind that ravage the landscapes of our lives like untamable wildfires. The ‘flame’ and ‘river’ symbolize the uncontrollable and often destructive forces of passion and doubt. Through the allegory, La Dispute questions the inevitability of emotional destruction, probing deep into the human proclivity to ignite and then douse the very fires of our fervor.

It is not merely about a relationship but also about the internal struggle between embracing one’s flaws and passions and the fear of being consumed by them. The conflict reveals itself as a dance with destruction, a relentless embrace of the cycle of pain and the challenging road toward redemption.

Memorable Lines That Sear the Soul

‘The past is a flower/The future, the snow’ and ‘The past is a liar/The future, a whore’ act as twin harbingers, encapsulating the haunting oscillation between hope and cynicism embedded within the track. These lines, rich in their literary dichotomy, elevate the song into an anthem of bittersweet resignation.

Building on these contrasting images, the song evokes a fierce agitation within listeners, a remembrance of all the crossroads faced and an acknowledgment of the rugged journey yet to tread. These lyrics become the embers that continue to glow long after the song has ended, kindling contemplation and a deep-seated yearning for understanding within the crucible of the human experience.

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