Business Time – Unpacking the Satire of Intimacy in Modern Relationships

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Article Contents:
  1. Music Video
  2. Lyrics
  3. Song Meaning
  4. Scheduled Love: Romance in the Age of Routine
  5. Foreplay Follies: The Relatable Missteps of Seduction
  6. The Socks Stay On: Unveiling the Hidden Meaning
  7. Two Minute Wonders: A Commentary on Performance and Satisfaction
  8. From Sizzling to Snoozing: The Post-coital Pivot and Its Memorable Lines


Aww Yeah
Girl tonight we’re gonna make love
You know how I know?
Because it’s Wednesday
And Wednesday night is the night that we usually make love
Monday night is my night to cook
Tuesday night we go and visit your mother
But Wednesday we make sweet little love

When everything is just right
There’s nothing good on t.v.
You haven’t had your after work social sport team practice
So you are not too tired
Oh, boy, it’s all love
You lean in and whisper something sexy like,
“I might go to bed. I’ve got work in the morning.”
I know what you’re trying to say baby.
You’re trying to say “Aww, yeah. It’s business time.?

It’s business
It’s business time
I know what you’re trying to say
You’re trying to say it’s time for business,
It’s business time, oh
It’s business
It’s business time
Aww ohowoah yeah, yeah

Then in the bathroom brushing our teeth
That’s all part of the foreplay, I love foreplay
Then you go sort out the recycling
That isn’t part of the foreplay,
But it’s still very important

Next thing you know we’re in the bedroom
You’re wearin’ that baggy old ugly T-shirt you got from work several years ago
Mmmm, you know the one, baby
With the color stain

I remove my clothes
Very very clumsly
Trippin’ sensually over my jeans ’cause I’m still wearing my shoes
But it’s OK because I turn it all into a sexy dance.

Next thing you know I’m wearing absolutely nothing
Except for my socks
And you know when I’m down to just my socks
What time it is
It’s business time

It’s business
It’s business time
When I’m down to my socks it’s time for business
That’s why they’re called business socks, oh
It’s business
It’s business time
Oh, ho ho ho oh yeah, yeah

Making love
Making love for
Makin’ love for two
Making love for two minutes
When it’s with me you only need two minutes,
Because I’m so intense
Two minutes in heaven is better than one minute in heaven

You turn to me and say something sexy like, “Is that it?”
I know what you?re trying to say, girl
You’re trying to say, “Aww yeah, that’s it”
And then you tell me you want some more
Well, uh… I’m not surprised
But I’m quite sleepy

It’s business
It’s business time
Business hours are over, baby
It’s business
It’s business time

Full Lyrics

Flight of the Conchords, the New Zealand duo known for their unique blend of comedy and musicianship, serve a heaping portion of satirical delights with their song ‘Business Time.’ The track has become a favorite, not just for its catchy tune but for its incisive tilt at the routines and realities of modern love and domesticity.

But make no mistake, beyond the laughs lies commentary that resonates with many who find themselves entangled in the dance of long-term relationships. The song may tickle the funny bone, but it also prods at the heartstrings and the sometimes monotonous rhythms that define our quests for connection.

Scheduled Love: Romance in the Age of Routine

It’s Wednesday, and in the world of the Conchords, that means it’s business time – the designated moment for romance. Mapping out intimacy on a weekly plan might seem comical at first, but isn’t it reflective of the compartmentalized lives we lead? In an age where our dates and duties are but entries in a digital calendar, the song mirrors this structured approach to passion, evoking virulent nods or embarrassed chuckles from listeners alike.

There’s poignant humor in the recognition that for many couples, the spontaneity of early romance gradually paves way for predictability. This is the marriage of modernity to intimacy, and ‘Business Time’ is its quirky ballad.

Foreplay Follies: The Relatable Missteps of Seduction

The Conchords acknowledge that the road to the bedroom is paved with not-so-sensual activities. The recycling needs taking out, the old baggy T-shirt appears, teeth are brushed – it’s all described with a precision that’s hilariously unsexy, yet relatable. Flight of the Conchords thrusts the spotlight onto these mundane yet meaningful preludes to passion that pepper our domestic lives, eliciting both laughter and a knowing nod.

They also bumble – quite literally – over jeans and shoes, turning clumsy undressing into a comedic ballet. It’s an endearing admission that not all seduction is slick and smooth, and sometimes the real charm lies in the imperfect attempts.

The Socks Stay On: Unveiling the Hidden Meaning

In the nonsensical world of ‘Business Time,’ socks become a symbol for the ridiculousness of certain masculine tropes. They are ‘business socks,’ worn as a ludicrous badge denoting the seriousness of the sexual encounter to come. Here, the humor is layered: socks are commonplace and unerotic, yet they are upheld as a pivotal element in this dance of desire, mocking the gravity with which these moments are sometimes imbued.

Could these ‘business socks’ be seen as a metaphor for the baggage we bring into our most intimate moments? Flight of the Conchords might be toying with the notion that even in our vulnerability, we cling to our shield of idiosyncratic armor, the mundane aspects of ourselves that we cannot shed, even when we’re most bare.

Two Minute Wonders: A Commentary on Performance and Satisfaction

The brevity of the duo’s love-making – a mere ‘two minutes in heaven’ – is a humorous jab at the preoccupation with performance and longevity in sexual encounters. This is not simply a self-depreciative line for laughs; it also diverges from the oft-perpetuated myth of the male libido and stamina. In direct contrast to exaggerated tales of sexual prowess, ‘Business Time’ embraces its lighthearted mediocrity.

Yet, there’s an underlying message of mutual satisfaction that defies convention. Despite its brevity, the experience is framed as intense and fulfilling, suggesting that the qualitative aspect of intimacy transcends the quantitative measure. It’s an unexpectedly comforting take on the sexual dynamics within long-term relationships.

From Sizzling to Snoozing: The Post-coital Pivot and Its Memorable Lines

After the fleeting fireworks, the song closes on a note of anti-climax. ‘Business hours are over’, sings the narrator, too sleepy for another round. These words deflate the build-up with a comic ‘thud’ and encapsulate the cycle of anticipation and the sometimes-underwhelming resolution that characterize many sexual experiences.

These moments in ‘Business Time’ are delivered with an expert blend of humor and truth, ensuring their place in the annals of memorable song lyrics. Even though it laughs in the face of traditional romanticism, the candor of ‘Business Time’ allows for an affectionate kinship with its audience, almost a wink and a nod across the divide of the mundane.

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