“Candy Rain” by Soul for Real

“Candy Rain” is undoubtedly a love song and moreover, a pretty-uncomplicated one at that. Its sound is reminiscent of the days of the Jackson Five, largely due to the fact that the lead singer was but a lad when the track was recorded. But that said, the lyrics firmly transcend the realm of puppy love.

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Instead, young Jase comes off as if he is indeed thoroughly smitten. “Candy rain” is sort of this sweet nickname he’s come up with to characterize his affection for the addressee, who would be the vocalist’s significant other. It is also used to symbolize something so fantastical, i.e. “candy-coated raindrops”, that he could only dream about it beforehand, much like his love for the lyrical recipient. 

Relatedly Jase goes on to relay some conventional musings in that regard, such as implying that his life has been positively and unexpectedly transformed by her presence.

So the titular metaphor is a creatively-colorful one that is able to establish this piece as a romantic-love song, even though none of the wording specifically points to such an idea. But that said, there isn’t anything deep going on here at all. The vocalist is simply letting the addressee know, as poetically as possible, that his relationship with her has proven more edifying than he had been able to conceptualize prior.  Our put differently, he never imagined that being in love was as sweet as it turned out to be.

Lyrics of Soul for Real's "Candy Rain"

When was “Candy Rain” released?

The release of this song officially dates back to 15 November 1994. It harps to a time when Heavy D (1967-2011), one of the music industry’s earliest rap stars, was a budding mogul, having become a high-level executive at Uptown Records. 

It was while presiding over Uptown that he discovered Soul for Real via their amateur success at Harlem’s Apollo Theater. Moreover, by the looks of things, this was the most-notable act Heav managed to put out, despite Soul for Real being akin to one-hit wonders.

Soul for Real is a sibling group consisting of, in order of age:

  • Christopher Dalyrimple (aka Choc)
  • Andre Dalyrimple (Dre)
  • Brian Dalyrimple (Bri)
  • Jason Dalyrimple (Jase)

The fam hails Wyandanch, a part of New York found on Long Island. And it is Jase, who at the time of this track’s release was 14 years old, that held down the lead vocals on “Candy Rain”.

Success of “Candy Rain”

“Candy Rain” topped Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs listings, in addition to peaking at number 2 on the Hot 100 proper and number 4 on the UK Hip-Hop/R&B Chart. Additionally, it was certified gold (via the RIAA) shortly after its release. 

This song served as the group’s debut single and, as implied earlier, stands as the most-successful in their catalog.

Candy Rain

More Interesting Facts

Soul for Real has at least one other Heavy D collaboration on record, that being 1997’s “You Can Get It”, which Heav headlined. Also to note the boys’ follow-up to “Candy Rain”, 1995’s “Every Little Thing I Do”, was met with some notable success.

To date, Soul for Real managed to put out three LPs between 1995 and 1999. And this song is featured on the first of those efforts, which is likewise titled Candy Rain.

This track samples a Tribe Called Quest’s “Check the Rhime” (1991). Therefore the writers of that piece, ATCQ’s Q-Tip, Ali Shaheed Muhammad and the late Phife Dawg (1970-2016), are likewise credited as co-authors of “Candy Rain”. 

Its producers, the Trackmasters (i.e. Tone and Poke) alongside Heavy D (aka Dwight Myers) also get songwriting credit, as does Terri Robinson and for some unspecified reason tenured British musicians Onnie McIntyre and Hamish Stuart, who for a time were both members of the 1970s’ act called the Average White Band.

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