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Always Forever by Bryson Tiller

“Always Forever” by Bryson Tiller

Bryson Tiller’s song, “Always Forever”, describes a clear case of unrequited love. His intro tries to depict the time period of the relationship to his listeners. In the first stanza of the song he...

Outta Time

“Outta Time” by Bryson Tiller (ft. Drake)

In “Outta Time”, Bryson Tiller and Drake reflect on the state of their relationships and whether it is worth staying with their partners considering the level of toxicity it breeds. Primarily, they believe that...


“Blame” by Bryson Tiller

The person Bryson Tiller is addressing in the lyrics of “Blame” is his ex-girlfriend. And simply put, he is majorly upset over losing her. Since their breakup she has obviously moved on with her life,...