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“Rodeo” by Lil Nas X & Cardi B

Lil Nas X and Cardi B approach the song “Rodeo” from a romantic perspective, though it is likely they are referring to two different relationships. Lil Nas X’s Verse Nas X is dealing with...


Cardi B’s “Press” Lyrics Meaning

According to certain reports the song “Press” is based on Cardi B’s beef with the media, as in their tendency to be interested in every aspect of her life. But is that really what this song is actually...

Offset and Cardi B

“Clout” by Offset (Ft. Cardi B)

The primary purpose of “Clout” is to serve as the Offset and Cardi B’s attack on gossipers, particularly those who use internet-based mediums – such as blog and social media – to spread rumors...