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Gunna and Young Thug

“3 Headed Snake” by Gunna Ft. Young Thug

The “3 Headed Snake” being referred to in the title is a conglomerate of the track’s artists – rappers Gunna and Young Thug along with its producer, Wheezy. The individuals in this trio all hail from the...


Gunna’s “One Call” Lyrics Meaning

In “One Call”, American rapper Gunna devotes a significant percentage of the song’s lyrics to bragging about his success in the rap game. This achievement is manifest primarily in his ability to live a lavish...


“Yosemite” by Travis Scott (Ft. Nav & Gunna)

“Yosemite” is a track dedicated to exalting a lifestyle of extreme materialism and careless romantic affairs. In doing so, they simultaneously assert the belief that having access to these pleasures is due to a spiritual...