Category: Howlin’ Wolf

Spoonful – Exploring the Depths of Desire and Human Nature

The blues has always been a genre that unpacks the human experience, peeling back the layers of society’s facade to reveal the raw and unrefined truth beneath. One of the titans of this musical tradition, Howlin’ Wolf, gives us ‘Spoonful’ – a potent song that encapsulates the hunger for that which satisfies the soul. Released in 1960, the song reverberates with the gravelly essence of Wolf’s voice and the simplicity of a repetitive, haunting melody.

Smokestack Lightnin’ – The Thunderous Cry of the Blues Uncovered

In a harmonica-laced trance, ‘Smokestack Lightnin” stands today not just as a song but as a vital artifact of blues folklore. A piece entrenched in the fabric of American music, Howlin’ Wolf’s guttural growls and poignant melodies capture the raw essence of human longing and the gritty truth of an era where the blues was not just a genre but a collective soul-cry.