Category: IC3PEAK

Грустная сука – Exploring the Depths of Rebel Anthems

IC3PEAK’s Грустная сука, translated roughly to ‘Sad Bitch’, is a charged confession soaked in defiant pride. The electronic duo, renowned for their politically charged themes and evocative sounds, takes listeners on a visceral journey that transcends language barriers. Anchored by Natalia ‘Nastya’ Kreslina’s haunting vocals and Nikolay Kostylev’s enigmatic production, the track’s cold, synthetic beats are the skeletal framework for a more profound narrative.

TRRST – Unpacking the Protest in Song

IC3PEAK’s ‘TRRST’ strikes a nerve with its incisive lyrics and biting social commentary. Through an eerie backdrop of electronic beats, the Russian duo narrates a tale that transgresses beyond personal struggle, delving into a chilling expression of societal oppression and the labeling of dissent.

Смерти Больше Нет – Unraveling the Veil of Post-Soviet Rebellious Spirit

IC3PEAK, the Russian electronic music duo known for their unnerving yet captivating musical style, once again taps into the zeitgeist with their track ‘Смерти Больше Нет’ (No More Death). The song is a deep-dive into the psyche of the present Russian youth, grappling with an authoritarian ambiance, and embodies a rebellious cry against systemic despondency.