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“Interlude” by J. Cole

J. Cole is a relatively-conscious, intellectual rapper who raps songs to be multi-subjected. So in analyzing this one (“Interlude”) we will take a step-by-step, linear approach, beginning with the intro. Intro of “Interlude” In the...

Be Free by J. Cole

“Be Free” by J. Cole

“Be Free” expresses the pain felt by J. Cole as he loses another young black man to police brutality. He expresses the shock and disappointment he feels waking up to the news of police...

Snow on tha Bluff

J. Cole’s “Snow on tha Bluff” Lyrics Meaning

J. Cole is considered one of the utmost woke rappers in the music industry. So when social unrest gripped the streets of America in the wake of the seemingly racist-police murder of George Floyd, many...