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Watching The Wheels – Unveiling the Philosophical Layers of a Classic Tune

Upon its release, John Lennon’s ‘Watching The Wheels’ served as a melodic manifesto—its gentle yet firm rhythms speaking volumes of a personal journey and an existential commentary wrapped in seemingly simplistic verse. More than just a tune to sway to, Lennon’s creation is a time capsule of thought, capturing the essence of a soul unshackled from the frenetic pace of societal expectations.

Woman – An Ode to Feminine Magnificence

Encapsulating a tender blend of regret and revelation, John Lennon’s ballad ‘Woman’ functions as his confessional ode to the feminine spirit and its profound impact on his life. A poignant love letter to not just his partner but to women universally, the song sails beyond the horizon of mere lyrical adoration, into the sacred harbor of deep existential and emotional acknowledgement.