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“Eazy” by The Game & Kanye West

“Eazy” is based on the premise of the vocalists’ lives having ‘never been easy’. So by the looks of things, The Game and Kanye West are tasked with detailing respective challenges they have or are...


“Runaway” by Kanye West (ft. Pusha T)

As stated by Kanye West, Runaway is supposed to be a song where many of the lyrics have a double meaning, pointing to both romance yet simultaneously his well-documented and often controversial dealings with the media.  This...

Come to Life

“Come to Life” by Kanye West

Kanye West’s “Come to Life” is premised on the idea of individuals being in dire straits and resultantly ‘wishing they had another life’. An ambiguous “uncle” and “auntie” are mentioned in that regard in the...