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“Nile” by Beyoncé (ft. Kendrick Lamar)

In this song, the “Nile” seems to serve as a metaphor for some type of life-changing trek, as in an individual venturing out to fulfill his or her destiny. More specifically, when considering Beyoncé’s second...

Kendrick Lamar

“Swimming Pools (Drank)” by Kendrick Lamar

Listening to Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools” opens one up to the reality of two major influencers in society, Alcoholism and Social Pressure. In the first verse of the track, Kendrick recalls the early stages...


“Freedom” by Beyoncé (Ft. Kendrick Lamar)

This is a song based on the peculiar struggles and unique strengths of African-American women. In other words, it has a female-empowerment theme that is particularly catered to African-Americans. Conversely, Kendrick Lamar’s verse is initially centered on...