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"Here to Stay"

Korn’s “Here to Stay” Lyrics Meaning

“Here to Stay” has been described as being centered on a person who has been taken advantage of and now, having reached his breaking point, is taking back what’s his. But what is also arguable equally as...


Korn’s “Justin” Lyrics Meaning

“Justin” is a song with a very touching backstory. Justin, unfortunately, was a boy who had a terminal case of intestinal cancer. And his dying wish, of all things, was actually to meet Korn. Well similar...

Pretty by Korn

Korn’s “Pretty” Lyrics Meaning

Korn’s “Pretty” is based on a disturbing real-life event. The event is so disturbing that we recommend some sort of a parental advisory before reading forward. In his late teens Korn’s frontman, Jonathan Davis,...