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California Breeze

“California Breeze” by Lil Baby

On the surface, “California Breeze” appears to be primarily a dual-subject song, being partially about romance but also, in a roundabout way, Lil Baby’s come-up. Or another way of encapsulating the meaning of the song is by...

Real Spill

“Real Spill” by Lil Baby

“Real Spill”, most simply explained, is about Lil Baby’s come-up, or perhaps more specifically we can say the mentality that comes along with him, all things considered, now being a successful musician and businessman....


“Heyy” by Lil Baby

Concerning the title of this song, the word heyy is apparently some type of internet slang that’s an abbreviation of ‘hey you’.  In the chorus of this song, Lil Baby does not use it in such a fashion...