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More Than a Trend

“More Than a Trend” by Roddy Ricch

After “Everything You Need“, “More Than a Trend” can be considered the second love song on “Live Life Fast”. And even though it does conclude with Roddy Ricch assuring the addressee, the lady he is obviously smitten by, that...

25 Million

“25 Million” by Roddy Ricch

There are conflicting reports as to Roddy Ricch’s actual net worth. And whereas none of the major ones indicate that he has actually made some $25,000,000 in a single day, as implied by the...

Everything You Need

“Everything You Need” by Roddy Ricch

“Everything You Need” is the first track going down the playlist of “Live Life Fast” that reads for the most part like a standard love song. The lyrics are primarily based on Roddy expressing his...