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Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now – A Testament to Unyielding Love and Determination

As the familiar chords swell and the iconic verses of Starship’s ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now’ course through the airwaves, there arises an insurmountable sense of unity and strength. In an era punctuated by rapid change and uncertainty, this 1987 anthem has become a timeless relic, evoking the power that comes from unwavering companionship and the indomitable will of the human spirit. Drawing from its lyrical prowess, the song remains a compelling study in the potency of love as a force for overcoming adversity.

We Built This City – How a Pop-Rock Anthem May Just Define a Generation

Starship’s chart-topping hit ‘We Built This City’ is not just a catchy pop-rock refrain from the mid-’80s—it’s a cultural artifact, a snapshot in time highlighting the tensions and transitions of an era when music and identity were intrinsically woven. Released in 1985, at the height of Reagan-era fervor, the song captures a moment when ‘rock and roll’ was not merely a genre but a way of being, a fight against the corporate mundanity threatening the colorful tapestry that musicians and fans alike had painted on the canvas of society.