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Meaning of Songs

Take It Easy – Unraveling the Waves of Intimacy and Trepidation

The indie rock outfit Surfer Blood has a penchant for crafting songs that articulate the human experience with a blend of tumultuous emotion and breezy melodies. Their song ‘Take It Easy’ from the album ‘Astro Coast’ serves as an impactful vessel of this dynamic, diving into themes that oscillate between warmth and caution, between desire and reflection.

Floating Vibes – Riding the Waves of Existence and Experience

Surfer Blood’s ‘Floating Vibes’ sails through the sea of life’s transitions, harnessing a lyrical journey that emotes the depths of human connection and the propulsion toward change. The track, a cornerstone of the band’s debut album ‘Astro Coast’, marries the surfer ethos with a metaphysical examination of movement, both literal and emotional.