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Right Where You Left Me

“Right Where You Left Me” by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s “Right Where You Left Me” is a song about heartbreak. And it is Taylor who is portraying the role of the one who is in fact heartbroken. And as the lyrics detail, she has...

"Tolerate It" by Taylor Swift

“Tolerate It” by Taylor Swift

One of the subthemes of Taylor Swift’s “Evermore” album, from which “Tolerate It” is derived, centers on romantic relationships gone awry. And on this particular outing the singer portrays the role of a lady in a loveless marriage. Or more specifically,...

"Happiness" by Taylor Swift

“Happiness” by Taylor Swift

Contrary to its title, “Happiness” is fundamentally a breakup song. The singer is addressing an ex whom she has recently parted ways with. According to her recollection, the relationship was all good at one point, but...