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“Happiness” by The 1975

The way the ideas in The 1975’s “Happiness” are presented are in sort of a helter-skelter fashion, as they seem, to some extent, to be flying a bit all over the place. For instance, the...

She Lays Down

The 1975’s “She Lays Down” Lyrics Meaning

The lyrics of “She Lays Down” is about Matt Healy’s mom, a lady by the name of Denise Welch. More specifically, by her own account she suffered from a harrowing case of post-natal depression after giving birth...

The 1975

“I Think There’s Something You Should Know” by The 1975

Matt Healy, The 1975’s frontman, singer and co-writer of this song, has described it as being partially based on him suffering from impostor syndrome. This is a pretty-complex psychological condition. But what it basically boils down to within...