Close to You – Unveiling the Sonic Tapestry of Human Connection

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  1. Music Video
  2. Lyrics
  3. Song Meaning
  4. Dancing Through the Lyrics: A Rhythmic Analysis
  5. The Heartbeat of the Night: Unveiling the Song’s Hidden Meaning
  6. Midnight Reveries: The Intersection of Time and Space
  7. Decoding Desire: The Most Memorable Lines
  8. Turnin’ the Joint, Outside Down: The Narrative of Rebellion


Here we come, we got funk, [Repeat: x2]
Somebody, somewhere, sex with me,
Here, here we come, we got funk [Repeat: x2]

Next to me [Repeat: x6]

The disco, the disco, the disco, that’s gotta be right, [Repeat: x4]
That’s gotta be right, down to the midnight, to start
Down to the disco, the disco, the disco,
Down to the midnight, the start to the midnight, start to the midnight,
That’s gotta be right

There’s a tense young man that’s goin’ round, turnin’ the joint, outside down, [Repeat: x2]
Down to the disco
Start to the midnight, down to the disco
Down to the disco

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The Avalanches, known for their sample-laden soundscapes, create a pulsating groove that beckons a deep dive into the human psyche with their track ‘Close to You.’ It’s a sonic journey that blurs the lines between vintage funk and modern desire, evoking the eternal quest for human closeness.

The beauty of The Avalanches’ work often lies in the intricacies of their layered samples and the hidden depths within their lyrics. ‘Close to You’ is no exception, flitting between the ecstasies of nightlife and the yearning for intimacy, all while riding an infectious beat that refuses to fade into the background.

Dancing Through the Lyrics: A Rhythmic Analysis

At first glance, the repetition in ‘Close to You’ seems to mirror the monotony of a relentless beat in a crowded disco. But this monotony is deceptive; the recurring lines ‘Somebody, somewhere, sex with me’ and ‘Here we come, we got funk,’ suggest a wild search for connection—an innate human desire—amidst the chaos of the dance floor.

The Avalanches do not just use words for their meaning, but as instruments in their own right. Each repetition loops and layers to create a heady atmosphere, making ‘Close to You’ a mantra for the night owls seeking more than just a physical connection; it’s a soulful yearning set to the tune of existence.

The Heartbeat of the Night: Unveiling the Song’s Hidden Meaning

Beneath the groove, ‘Close to You’ may hint at something darker, something more poignant than just a night out. ‘The disco, that’s gotta be right,’ isn’t merely a place, but a state of being—righteous in its escapism, perhaps exposing an emptiness that drives us toward each other in the darkness.

There is a duality to be found in these lyrics as ‘close to you’ could imply both a physical proximity and an emotional landscape where the distance is closing. It questions the authenticity of connections made when one is ‘turnin’ the joint, outside down,’ suggesting a rebellion against normative behaviors.

Midnight Reveries: The Intersection of Time and Space

Time is another character in this track. ‘Down to the midnight, to start’ speaks of beginnings at the supposed end of the day—an oxymoron that punctuates the upside-down world the characters in these lyrics inhabit. Midnight here is more than a time; it’s the denotation of transition and the potential of what lies ahead.

This notion is accentuated by the phrase ‘start to the midnight,’ which implies a cyclical nature to the nights we spend in pursuit of connection. Rather than the end of something, we’re witness to perpetual motion, the cycles of seeking and finding, the continuous human dance.

Decoding Desire: The Most Memorable Lines

The lyrics ‘Somebody, somewhere, sex with me’ cut through the textural complexity of ‘Close to You.’ This frank confession of desire, repeated like a chant, points toward the universality of human longing. Yet, the anonymity of ‘somebody, somewhere’ encapsulates the often impersonal nature of our modern quests for closeness.

These lines are a powerful invocation—raw, direct, and deliberately vague. They serve as a call to listeners, a summoning of the basic human need for connection through the most primal of acts. But there is also a vulnerability here, an open admission of what so many seek in the solace of the night.

Turnin’ the Joint, Outside Down: The Narrative of Rebellion

Who is this ‘tense young man’ and what does his presence signify within the narrative? Rebellion and restlessness radiate from these words, creating an avatar for the listener—you or someone you know—who has ever felt the urge to disrupt the status quo. This persona is us when we’re at our most defiant, our most alive.

Yet, in ‘turnin’ the joint, outside down,’ there is also a metaphor for transformation. As music has the power to invert our reality, so does the energy harnessed within the discotheques where the young congregate. Here, The Avalanches speak to the transformative power of sound, rhythm, and human energy combined.

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