Crazy Town’s “Butterfly” Lyrics Meaning

“Butterfly” is, simply put, a love song. And although no names are mentioned, it was addressed to the (then) girlfriend of Shifty Shellshock, Crazy Town’s lead singer. We know this because it was actually she who inspired him to conceptualize the tune due to being weary of his hard-rock ways. And he responded to the situation by penning a track directly about her, i.e. “Butterfly”. In fact Shellshock referring to her as his “butterfly” is sourced in the fact that this lady was actually a collector of those insects.

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But despite the innocent-sounding title, this song isn’t what you would call a family-oriented love song. Indeed one of the things the singer admires most about his sweetheart is her sensual appeal. And at certain points, he makes it his goal to be painfully-specific concerning this matter.

So despite deviating from their normal sound in dropping a romantic track (which is now considered their signature song), you can say that Crazy Town stayed true to their roots. That’s to say this is very much a love song with the singer acknowledging the monumental, uplifting impact the presence of his significant other has had on his life.

But at the same time there is also what can be described as a lyrical shock element, specifically of the sensual variety, which is more suited to mature listeners.

Lyrics of "Butterfly"

Music Video

The music video for “Butterfly”was directed by the same production team, led by Honey that was responsible for a number of famous movies including The Matrix. MTV also featured it on their spring break coverage shot from Cancun in 2001.

Who wrote “Butterfly”?

The song was written by Shifty Shellshock known in real life as Seth Binzer, lead singer of the band, for a girl he was dating at the time. FYI, this girl also appears in the video.

While living with Shellshock, this girl mostly collected butterflies, hence the inspiration for the title.

Success of “Butterfly”

Crazy Town’s 1999 album, The Gift of Game, had been released about a year and half earlier, before “Butterfly”, the group’s third single, became a huge hit. The first two singles, “Darkside” and “Toxic”, although thought to be more solid, actually flopped.

It’s possible to assume that the reason why this song shot to the top is the fact that unlike the typical aggressive rap-rock style of Crazy Town, this track had a more romantic, mellow pop feel to it. Owing to this, it received a lot of airplay on both pop and rock radio channels. And in November of 2000, the song climbed up to #1 in 15 different countries including Crazy Town’s own home, the United States.

Was “Butterfly” banned?

No. However, the Federal Trade Commission had included it in its list of the many unsuitable songs for young listeners. In 2001, they began advocating for the indication of parental advisory warnings in such songs.

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  1. Leigh Ann Mitchusson says:

    What exactly did the writer mean by saying give my butterfly baby? What was his butterfly?

    • Tonya screen name on apps Buterflygrl3. says:

      she’s his girl and he calls her his butterfly? Obviously you know what the rest of the chorus means correct? If not I’d be glad to explain it to you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I believe he wanted Her in a butterfly position….after all, it is quite a sexy sound! Make sense?

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