Depois – Unraveling the Emotional Tapestry of Love and Letting Go

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  1. Music Video
  2. Lyrics
  3. Song Meaning
  4. A Chronicle of Love’s Lifecycle
  5. The Elegance of Wishing Well
  6. Reflections on a Shared History
  7. Unearthing the Hidden Meaning: The Freedom in Goodbye
  8. The Lines That Linger in the Heart


Depois de sonhar tantos anos
De fazer tantos planos
De um futuro pra nós
Depois de tantos desenganos
Nós nos abandonamos como tantos casais
Quero que você seja feliz
Hei de ser feliz também

Depois de varar madrugada
Esperando por nada
De arrastar-me no chão
Em vão
Tu viraste-me as costas
Não me deu as respostas
Que eu preciso escutar
Quero que você seja melhor
Hei de ser melhor também

Nós dois
Já tivemos momentos
Mas passou nosso tempo
Não podemos negar
Foi bom
Nós fizemos história
Pra ficar na memória
E nos acompanhar
Quero que você viva sem mim
Eu vou conseguir também

Depois de aceitarmos os fatos
Vou trocar seus retratos pelos de um outro alguém
Meu bem
Vamos ter liberdade
Para amar à vontade
Sem trair mais ninguém
Quero que você seja feliz
Hei de ser feliz também

Full Lyrics

Distilled into the hauntingly beautiful strains of Marisa Monte’s song ‘Depois,’ is a tapestry of human experience that the Brazilian singer-songwriter weaves with a poignant clarity. The song, which became a touchstone for countless hearts grappling with the bittersweet aftermath of a relationship, speaks to the universal journey of love, loss, and the potent healing that comes with time.

Much more than a breakup ballad, ‘Depois’ encapsulates the resilience of the human spirit in the face of change and the stoicism required to wish happiness upon someone who no longer shares your path. This deep dive into the song seeks to uncover the layers, dissect the poignant lyrics, and illuminate the shared emotional terrain Monte so eloquently navigates.

A Chronicle of Love’s Lifecycle

‘Depois’ does more than recount the tale of love lost; it encapsulates the full lifecycle of an intimate bond, from the nascent dreams to the inevitable drift apart. As Monte’s lyrics flow, we witness the tender hope of ‘tantos planos de um futuro pra nós’ (so many plans for a future for us) wither into ‘tantos desenganos’ (so many disappointments), painting a vivid picture of romantic love’s ephemeral nature.

The deliberate pacing of the song, coupled with the simplicity of its arrangement, drives the weight of each word home. Each verse stands as a testament to the lessons learned and the growth experienced, even when love doesn’t pan out as one hoped.

The Elegance of Wishing Well

In a world rife with acrimony and resentment, Monte’s choice to frame goodbye with a wish for mutual happiness is nothing short of radical. The recurring line ‘Quero que você seja feliz / Hei de ser feliz também’ (I want you to be happy / I will be happy too) is less a refrain than a mantra, championing the grace of letting go without bitterness.

This perspective shifts the song from a dirge of loss to a hopeful hymn of what it means to love unselfishly. By admitting that personal happiness is not solely tied to the presence of the other, Monte infuses ‘Depois’ with a liberating sense of self-discovery and independence.

Reflections on a Shared History

There’s a respect for the past in Monte’s voice as she acknowledges the ‘history’ made together. When she sings ‘Nós fizemos história / Pra ficar na memória / E nos acompanhar’ (We made history / To stay in the memory / And accompany us), it’s an ode to the shared moments that become the mosaic of our past, informing the fabric of our beings and coloring our perspectives on future relationships.

Moving through the lyrics, ‘Depois’ honors the beauty that was present and the growth that such relationships can foster, even after they’ve turned into memories. It’s a mature look at how the past can remain with us without holding us back.

Unearthing the Hidden Meaning: The Freedom in Goodbye

One might say that the true heart of ‘Depois’ beats in its portrayal of freedom. Not just the freedom to pursue new love, but the freedom from the confines of a love that no longer serves. ‘Vamos ter liberdade / Para amar à vontade / Sem trair mais ninguém’ (We will have freedom / To love at will / Without betraying anyone else) elevates the act of moving on to an act of integrity and courage.

Monte subtly draws attention to the transformative potential that lies in what would otherwise be seen as a sad conclusion. By choosing liberation over lamentation, ‘Depois’ offers a narrative that both soothes and empowers, urging listeners to embrace the open road ahead after the heartache of a detour.

The Lines That Linger in the Heart

‘Depois,’ with its gently lilting melody, has within it memorable lines that resonate with a haunting familiarity. Each phrase of the song lays bare an honest slice of the emotional journey one undertakes when love flounders, but perhaps none so piercing as ‘Depois de tantos desenganos / Nós nos abandonamos como tantos casais’ (After so many disappointments / We abandoned each other like so many couples).

It’s a lyric that encapsulates the universality of romantic dissolution. Monte’s artistry ensures that these words don’t just speak to the intellect but also echo in the soul of anyone who has ever endured the convolutions of love. It’s not just a line you hear; it’s one you feel deep in your marrow.

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