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So you really wanna know
Double double
So you really wannna know about freakin’
Double double

So you really wanna know
Double double
So you really wannna know about freakin’
Double double

Bangin bones on roland
Jungle rottin
Chicken skeletal system bombin
Unidentified genre abductor
Hit it from the back
Formula fucker
Hooded executor of
Cookie cutter
Can’t wait ta pull dat trigger shut gunner

So you really wanna know

Cock the hammer
Droppin thunder
Double helix stopper under
Influence of dat
Head knock what a
O fuckin g, whata uh
O fuckin g, fuck it up
Bitch you dont know me
Run it blood ride reel ta reel low key
Hows it feel, feel, feel, easy
Make it bloody, make it bloody
Ain’t really nothin else
I see any more
Gone in the cause
Im bleeding for

(So you really wanna know how I freak it)
Double helix

Live in a trance can’t see you
Dont want to anyway anywhere
Whatd you say forgot you were even there
Head float astray
Clear the air
Be back when you think im gone
Blue jay way, dont belong
Double helix phoenix
From beyond

So you really wanna know how I freak it

Rorschach ink blot
In the street
Skid row mark
Show me the beast
Im the lust, you can’t hide
That balled up, fist gut inside
Strapped ta, suicide
Missions set off
With so much pride
You can see it
In a dead mans eyes
So you really wanna know
No maps wit directions
No answers, just questions
Second guessing everything you swore was so can’t
Tell you what ta do
But I’ll tell you why I threw
All the rules out da window
And took an oath to be true
Wit da one and only view
A man can ever truly know (know)

So you really wanna know
So you really wanna know how I freak it
Double helix

Been there and back
‘Nuff tracks I am
The rail to the road
We run like scam
Drop it on the one
And its on like damn
Well I never thought
Uh huh, oh yeah
Like I didn’t know
Wake up young blood
Ain’t nobody sleepin
And they never was
Off the cliff in a blur of black blood and
Hoodou hexin guts I thought you heard dem ghetto birds hollarin everytime I bust
Swallow it down and lap it up can’t do that, I’m a have ta cut

So you really wanna know
So you really wanna know how I freak it
Double helix

Full Lyrics

In the pantheon of experimental hip-hop, few acts have managed to instill a sense of both mystique and raw, unadulterated energy quite like Death Grips. Their track ‘Double Helix’ is no exception—an auditory onslaught that acts as a Rorschach test for the listener’s psyche, offering a glimpse into the group’s chaotic yet precise artistic vision.

‘Double Helix’ not only writhes with the fervency typical of Death Grips but also with an array of metaphors and opaque imagery that can befuddle as much as it enlightens. The listener is invited on a feverish journey through themes of self-identity, rebellion, and the complex interplay between the individual’s internal and external worlds.

Twisting Narratives and DNA: The Convergence of Structure and Chaos

The song’s title ‘Double Helix’ is evocative of DNA, the foundation of life’s blueprint—suggesting that the track itself might just be as fundamental to the group’s catalog. By invoking this imagery, Death Grips underscores the intricate and intimate code that comprises both biological life and, metaphorically, the essence of their musical ethos.

Juxtaposed against this theme of structured complexity is the raw energy and apparent disorder of the track’s sound—mimicking the unpredictable chaos of existence. This balance of order and anarchy is a hallmark of Death Grips’ style, challenging the listener to find meaning within the maelstrom.

An Ode to Authentic Experiences and Self-Made Paths

The lyric ‘No maps with directions, no answers, just questions’ is emblematic of the fiercely independent path Death Grips have carved through the music industry landscape. It eschews conventional wisdom in favor of personal truth and exploration, resonating with anyone who has ever sought to define their destiny.

This notion of forging one’s own path is coupled with the repeated phrase ‘So you really wanna know how I freak it,’ which stands as a challenge to the listener. Death Grips is not interested in hand-holding anyone through their art; they dare the audience to engage with the complexity and discomfort presented.

The Macabre Dance of Violence and Vigor

Throughout ‘Double Helix’, the visceral imagery is at the forefront—’Hooded executor of cookie cutter, Can’t wait ta pull dat trigger shut gunner.’ Here, the violent and the provocative merge to ignite a sense of urgency, questioning the sterilization and replication prevalent in much of popular culture.

These lines suggest a pushing back against a system that manufactures uniformity, a theme prevalent in the rebellious core of Death Grips’ work. It’s an ode to the individualistic and sometimes violent act of ripping apart the cookie-cutter mold to discover what lies beneath.

Rise of the Phoenix: Mortality and Rebirth

‘Double helix phoenix, From beyond’ reads as a powerful metaphor for regeneration and reinvention. The phoenix, a creature reborn from its ashes, parallels the group’s continual redefinition of themselves and hip-hop. It suggests a transcendence over the finite—death begets life, in a perpetual cycle.

This line of ‘Double Helix’ implies a death of the old—be it in terms of music, identity, or belief—and the birth of the new. It showcases the group’s dynamism and underscores the theme of mortality that pervades the track.

A Mosaic of Memorable Lines: Dismantling the Ideals

The delivery of impactful lines such as ‘O fuckin g, fuck it up, Bitch you dont know me, Run it blood ride reel ta reel low key’ reinforces the track’s aggressive tenor. The language is jarring, confronting the listener with an unapologetic decimation of assumptions and preconceived notions about who Death Grips is or should be.

These lines, with their stream-of-consciousness feel and relentless assault on the senses, encapsulate the song’s overarching challenge to confront the unknown and the unseen within ourselves. It’s an emblematic slice of what makes ‘Double Helix’ a testament to Death Grips’ formidable place in music—unpredictable, uncontainable, and entirely original.

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