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Well, it’s alright, ridin’ around in the breeze
Well, it’s alright, if you live the life you please
Well, it’s alright, doin’ the best you can
Well, it’s alright, as long as you lend a hand

You can sit around and wait for the phone to ring (at the end of the line)
Waiting for someone to tell you everything (at the end of the line)
Sit around and wonder what tomorrow will bring (at the end of the line)
Maybe a diamond ring

Well, it’s alright, even if they say you’re wrong
Well, it’s alright, sometimes you gotta be strong
Well, it’s alright, as long as you got somewhere to lay
Well, it’s alright, everyday is judgment day

Maybe somewhere down the road a ways (at the end of the line)
You’ll think of me and wonder where I am these days (at the end of the line)
Maybe somewhere down the road when somebody plays (at the end of the line)
Purple Haze

Well, it’s alright, even when push comes to shove
Well, it’s alright, if you got someone to love
Well, it’s alright, everything’ll work out fine
Well, it’s alright, we’re going to the end of the line

Don’t have to be ashamed of the car I drive (at the end of the line)
I’m just glad to be here, happy to be alive (at the end of the line)
And it don’t matter if you’re by my side (at the end of the line)
I’m satisfied

Well, it’s alright, even if you’re old and grey
Well, it’s alright, you still got something to say
Well, it’s alright, remember to live and let live
Well, it’s alright, the best you can do is forgive

Well, it’s alright (alright), riding around on the breeze
Well, it’s alright (alright), if you live the life you please
Well, it’s alright, even if the sun don’t shine
Well, it’s alright (alright), we’re going to the end of the line

Full Lyrics

Beneath the surface of the Traveling Wilburys’ seemingly laid-back tune ‘End of the Line,’ there’s a rich tapestry of life-affirming philosophy and comforting assurance. The supergroup’s chemistry and the song’s easy-going melody pair to create an anthem that warms the soul and eases the mind.

Its lyrics, a mosaic of hopeful sentiments, carry a profundity that transcends the era in which it was penned, offering a sage companion to anyone facing the unpredictable journey of life. Let’s explore the sage advice encapsulated within the verses of ‘End of the Line.’

The Breeze of Life: Embracing the Journey

From the opening line, ‘End of the Line’ sets a tone of acceptance with a gentle reminder that it’s alright to simply take things as they come. Ridin’ around in the breeze isn’t just about physical movement; it’s a metaphor for navigating life’s ups and downs with a sense of freedom and resilience.

The song advocates for a personal philosophy of contentment and the art of finding peace amid chaos—a vital skill in an age of constant change and overwhelming challenges.

When the Phone Doesn’t Ring: The Call to Self-Reliance

In modern times, the metaphor of waiting for the phone to ring symbolizes our dependence on external validation and guidance. The Wilburys dismiss this passive approach, implying the true value in paving our own way rather than waiting for someone else to reveal our path.

With a touch of existential reflection, the song suggests an active engagement with life, encouraging listeners to ponder on what truly matters and, perhaps, to find joy in the simple treasures like maybe a diamond ring.

The Hidden Meaning: A Homage to Authenticity

Beyond the catchy chorus and soothing harmonies, ‘End of the Line’ is a tribute to authenticity in an often inauthentic world. The lines ‘even if they say you’re wrong’ and ‘sometimes you gotta be strong’ highlight the courage required to stay true to oneself against societal pressures.

The line ‘everyday is judgment day’ serves as a clever reminder that the only approval we should seek is from within, and life’s true judgment is how we reconcile our desires with the legacy we wish to leave behind.

Savoring the Quintessential Moments: Love and Legacy

As the song progresses, the introspection deepens, contemplating love and the passage of time. ‘Maybe somewhere down the road a ways, you’ll think of me’ signifies the bittersweet nature of relationships and the hope that love, once given or received, leaves an indelible mark on our lives.

The stark reference to ‘Purple Haze’ invokes a sense of nostalgia, a nod to the impact of artistic giants on our personal histories and a playful interaction between the band’s own legends and the legends that preceded them.

Eternal Optimism: The Assurance in ‘Well, it’s alright’

Ending on a profoundly optimistic note, the repeated mantra ‘Well, it’s alright’ serves as an emotional safety net. It reassures us that irrespective of life’s trials—whether you’re ‘old and grey,’ or if the ‘sun don’t shine’—the ultimate acceptance of life’s vicissitudes is a source of strength.

The final destination, the ‘end of the line,’ is not merely an end but a celebration of life’s journey. It’s an affirmation that everything, eventually, works out fine, leaving us with a sense of completeness and satisfaction in this shared human experience.

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