Enter Shikari – Unveiling the Prophetic Proclamations of a Modern Rock Odyssey

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  2. Lyrics
  3. Song Meaning
  4. Decoding the Enigmatic Chorus
  5. An Eternal Sentinel Awakens
  6. Fate, Spirits, and Predestined Crossroads
  7. The Rallying Cry from the Abyss
  8. Immortal Lines: Carved in the Collective Memory


Shit! shit!

I’ve been hiding here for a thousand years, waiting for your ghost
I’ve been hiding here for a thousand years, waiting for your ghost
Your life’s about to flash before your eyes
Your life’s about to flash before your eyes

Stand your ground, this is ancient land
I was guided here by the spirits hand
We shall meet, at hells gate
This is fate this is fate this is fate this is fate

Not all is lost the spirits shriek
You will be hunted we shall seek
Perseverance, turn the page
Enter shikari enter shikari

We’re not hiding we’re not hiding
We’re not hiding we’re not hiding
We’re not hiding now we’re not hiding now

I’m in the zone


And still we will be here,
Standing like statues
And still we will be here,
Standing like statues

Full Lyrics

Enter Shikari, an auditory experience etched in the grooves of post-hardcore history, is not merely a song by the band of the same name; it is an anthem with layers of existential resonance. This track, from their sensational debut album ‘Take to the Skies,’ is an intricate tapestry of thematic substance and emotional vigor. Its aggressive blend of electronica, post-hardcore, and punk elements makes it a standout piece, but the lyrics elevate the sonic assault to something transcendent of genre constraints.

At its core, the song serves as an aural battleground where abstract thought and potent imagery duel, offering a feast for those inclined to dissect and derive meaning from music. The tenacity of the band’s delivery amplifies the weight of each word, ensuring that the message does not go unheard but instead ricochets through the consciousness of any engaged listener.

Decoding the Enigmatic Chorus

Beneath the explosive shouts of ‘We’re not hiding,’ there lies a fundamental assertion of presence and defiance. This refrain serves as a rallying cry for listeners, an assurance of unwavering existence in the face of adversity. By repeating these potent words, Enter Shikari establishes a foothold in the realm of resistance, nodding to both personal and collective struggles.

While on the surface it may seem like a simple declaration, the intensity with which it is delivered turns the phrase into a mantra of resilience. The band’s refusal to hide away from the tribulations of life and the assertion of their position evokes the sensation of standing firm against challenges both seen and unseen.

An Eternal Sentinel Awakens

Metaphors of timelessness and a waiting specter serve to create an atmosphere of haunting anticipation in the song’s opening lines. The image of hiding for ‘a thousand years’ conjures thoughts of dormant power and ancient wisdom, now called forth by some unseen force or event.

This awakening is not passive but feels momentous, as if the veil between epochs is being lifted to reveal the culmination of innumerable past events. It’s a prescient moment of reckoning, rendered in the spectral language of a ghost story, yet weighted with existential import.

Fate, Spirits, and Predestined Crossroads

The spiritual undertones of the song cannot be ignored. With references to spirits, fate, and even hell’s gate, the track seems to dance with the notion of destiny and the supernatural. The idea that one was ‘guided here by the spirits hand’ suggests a connection to forces beyond the tangible—a universal tapestry that one’s life is woven into.

These concepts reach out like ancient roots, touching the listener with a sense of predetermined cosmic narrative. Such lines compel introspection about one’s place in the grand scheme of things, as well as one’s choices and the extent to which they are guided or preordained.

The Rallying Cry from the Abyss

The central command of ‘Perseverance, turn the page’ is a call to arms—urging listeners to push forward despite the looming presence of defeat or despair. It’s a declaration that the epic of humanity continues on, with each individual capable of writing their chapter, even when the walls seem to close in.

This cries out for a breakout from the chains of complacency and concession to a fate written by anyone other than oneself. Coupled with the titular exclamation, ‘Enter Shikari,’ which literally translates to ‘Enter the Hunter,’ the song creates an aura of pursuit, a chase against the ghostly fears and failures that haunt us.

Immortal Lines: Carved in the Collective Memory

‘And still we will be here, standing like statues’ — this haunting echo rounds out the track, serving as a testament to endurance and legacy. It is a pledge of permanence and a tacit understanding that the essence of what Enter Shikari conveys transcends the moment; it is imprinted in the annals of time.

In these few words, there is both a serenity and a subtly chilling quality, as if the band and its message will not only outlive their contemporaries but also stand undisturbed through all manner of existential tempests. This line, a vivid image of stoicism, anchors the song’s essence as an indomitable spirit captured in lyric form.

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